Boot Camp kicks off again on Thursday April 18th at 9am Pacific Time (12:00pm Eastern Time) Class #1 has been rescheduled due to technical difficulties to Monday April 22nd at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern time) If you want your blog to generate prospects for your business, we walk you through t...
Setting Up Google Authorship for More TrafficYou need to get set up with Google Authorship and in this special ActiveRain University class, ActiveRain Evangelist Bob Stewart will show you why you need to be set up with Google Authorship and also HOW to get your ActiveRain blog set up. Does gettin...
The new Insert/Edit Embedded Media icon makes for a streamlined process.  No longer do you need to grab embed code and paste it into the HTML section of your blog post. Here's how you use it: Find your video on YouTube or wherever it's housed Copy the unique url of that video and come back to you...
How to Get the Most from Sharing Real Estate News OnlineIn this class we take a look at the idea of sharing real estate news online. Why should you share real estate news online? What kind of news should you share?We talk about how you can go about finding real estate news that is worth sharing. ...
Breaking Down Blog Posts In this ActiveRain University class we take a look at four posts and review them to see what agents have done well and the things they can improve. If you are going to blog, and your goal is to get in front of interested consumers in your market, it makes sense to do the ...
ActiveRain Gives You the Blueprint for Successful Blogs No two bloggers are going to have the exact same style. In this regard, bloggers are like snow flakes (lame! Be over already winter!) custom hot rods! Each one with their own unique style and approach. But there are cetain kinds of posts th...
Blogging Blueprint: Generate 1000's of Clicks Blogging about Condo ComplexesThis class starts by giving you the reason that you should be writing blog posts about condo complexes.  We go on to discuss the best way to blog about a condo complex in order to generate traffic to your blog posts and a...
Creating Effective Calls to Action for Your Blog. In this class we discuss the most effective ways to use a call to action in your blog post in order to help you generate leads for your business. We discuss the proper use of links. We talk about where to link people to on your website. We discuss...

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