Saying the right thing can be the difference between closing the deal and having it blow up in your face. Alex Popovic, a former US Marine, Police Officer and current real estate agent in Pheonix, AZ, uses his real life experience to shed some light on how you can use words to get your desired ou...
Do you ever wonder why some people have more success than others with their blog? There isn’t a magic word that will instantly make your blog a hit, but there are a few techniques used by the most successful real estate bloggers that can help get you more interaction, more exposure, and, ultimate...
You participated to help us come up with the 'Biggest Home Seller Mistakes' infographic. Now that we have compiled the results and created a resource for potential home sellers, how do you take advantage of the infographic to market your own business? The first step would be to create your own bl...
This blog post is for real estate professionals who are interested in getting their name published in the local newspapers and other online news sites. As ActiveRain publishes infographics and other industry statistics, we encourage you to reach out as the local export to reporters in your area! ...
On January 8th, ActiveRain University put Bob Stewart on loan for the first Market Leader Power Hour of the year. Kris Olsen, Market Leader Senior Trainer was the gracious host and contributed some great ideas along the way.The topic was 'Make 2014 the Best Year Ever' and it was based on your res...
In this blogging blueprint class we discuss how to create a blog post about a home for sale in your market with a certain feature. In this post you will find: a recording of the class a download of the blogging blueprint for this type of post an image that we created for you to use as a call to a...

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