activerain blogging blueprints: Blogging Blueprint Class: Answering Frequently Asked Questions - 05/23/13 07:18 AM
I Want Answers!
Every day millions of people go online and ask Google to answer some question that is important to them. Every day you are being asked real estate related questions by your clients. Your blog can be should be the perfect convergance of these two events.
How often do you find yourself responding via email to some kind of question your client has asked you? Probably often. Why would you spend that time educating one client when you could just as easily make that response a blog post and then post it online for that person to read (send them a link … (39 comments)

activerain blogging blueprints: WOW Potential Sellers and Attract Buyers with Your Listing Blogs - 05/09/13 05:50 AM
WOW Potential Sellers and Attract Buyers with Your Listing BlogsWith hundreds, maybe thousands, of sites where you can find listings online how likely is it that consumers are going to go to your blog to look for listings? Not very likely. But maybe you can attract them to your blog and then direct them to your website to look at more listings.
In this Blogging Blueprint: How to Blog about Your Listings, ActiveRain Community Evangelist Bob Stewart divea into the most effective ways to blog about your listings. Because after all; this is real estate and our goal should be to sell … (27 comments)

activerain blogging blueprints: How to Blog about Neighborhoods and Subdivisions - 04/12/13 06:37 AM
How to Blog about Neighborhoods and SubdivisionsIn this class we take you through the format of a blog post about subdivisions. These posts are some of the most highly trafficked blogs on the ActiveRain network. If done correctly, they can be a long term source of traffic to your blog, your website and even lead to additional leads and prospects for your business. If done incorrectly, you could potentially be losing out on the opportunity to turn more of the readers of your blog into clients.
We walk you through the lay out of a blog like this, what kind of things … (37 comments)

activerain blogging blueprints: Generate 1000's of Clicks Blogging about Condo Complexes_Blogging Blueprint - 03/08/13 07:32 AM
Blogging Blueprint: Generate 1000's of Clicks Blogging about Condo Complexes
This class starts by giving you the reason that you should be writing blog posts about condo complexes.  We go on to discuss the best way to blog about a condo complex in order to generate traffic to your blog posts and also to turn that traffic into leads for your business. We take a look at the best layout for a post like this as well as the best places to include calls to action. 
Watch the video now

Check Out This Sample Blog Post
or use this template to
Create your own!
Plaza Del … (11 comments)

activerain blogging blueprints: Local Businesses and Local Events Blog Templates - 01/11/13 01:40 AM
Our Blogging Blueprint webinar on Friday, January 11th, focused on using Local Events and Local Businesses blog posts to drive traffic to your blog. We created some example blog posts written for a local event and local businesses to give you a template to work with when creating your own.
Posts about local events and local businesses will drive traffic to your blog. For example, when researching the local firework show someone can get the times and location from the city's website, but you will give them insider information in your blog. Your blog will tell them where they should sit to … (38 comments)

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