upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Consult With A Realtor First! - 06/20/13 03:07 AM

We still live in a world where people will take advantage of your lack of knowledge. As a first time home buyer or even a repeat buyer, don't be caught unarmed when trying to purchase a home. Real estate can be complicated when you're dealing with a lot of language and paper work and a variety of sellers and processes. It is important that you have someone to help you get through the process with confidence and help protect your interests at the same time.

Consult with a Realtor before you take the risk of entering the real estate … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Only The Strong Survive! - 06/05/13 12:25 PM
In a pool of many Realtors, only the strong will survive.  Real estate agents are always pushed to the edge with trying to get new clients and make deals happen.  From being a Buyer's Agent to a Listing Agent, the juggling of roles can be very demanding.  At the end of the day, motivation plays a vital role in how well a real estate agent will perform and how long the real estate agent will remain in the business.
As an experienced Realtor, I'm always excited about the possibility of new business.  Personally, I'm motivated by the mere pleasure of helping … (12 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro Real Estate: Choosing A Realtor You Know- Part II - 02/28/13 01:11 PM
In my initial blog, Choosing A Realtor You Personally Know, I respond to a real estate article that recommends for real estate clients (buyers, sellers, and renters) to not use a real estate agent they personally know.  I was immediately disturbed by this suggestion.  What I have learned throughout the real estate profession is that conflict can happen with any client.  When a real estate agent is trying to gain real estate business, every relationship is important.  The risk of damaging any relationship can prove detrimental to the ongoing success of a realtor's business.  It is a real estate agent's goal … (3 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Choosing A Realtor You Personally Know - 02/23/13 08:56 AM
I recently came across a real estate article that provided tips to buyers and sellers for selecting a real estate agent.  As I read through the article, I found the real estate tips to be very helpful.  However, as I continued to read, one tip recommended for buyers and sellers to not select a real estate agent that they know, whether it be a friend or family member.  I was immediately disturbed by this poor advice.  Of course, I began to have flashbacks regarding some of my experiences with clients I know personally.  I began to think, maybe this is the … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: You're Only Previewing, Not Buying! - 12/27/12 11:48 AM
As a real estate agent, I will sometimes preview homes before I take clients out to see them.  This is just something I've become accustomed to doing throughtout my years of working as a realtor.  For someone who loves to look at homes, it's easy to go and check out a property in advance.
However, I must realize no matter how excited I get about the home for sale, I am still not the one purchasing the home.  There's never a guarantee that a buyer will like a property just because the real estate agent thinks it's great.  As the process … (3 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Strategy and Time Are Your Friends! - 12/22/12 10:52 AM
As a listing agent, selling a home is always a welcomed challenge.  Of course, it's easier said than done, but listing and selling homes is what a listing agent does. 
Every seller is different, but each seller is the same when it comes to getting his or her home sold.  There are a lot of factors that come into play when listing and selling a home.  Some fators may play a more critical role than others.  Right now we will just talk about two of those factors.
First, strategy plays a significant role in listing and selling a home.  As a … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Finding the Right Client! - 12/20/12 01:24 PM
Some real estate agents become specialists working with buyers, sellers, and/or renters.  Some even become experts at working with short-sales, foreclosures, and commercial real estate.  However, when seeking clients, realtors don't always know what they're going to get.  When marketing, the hopes are to attract potential persons who will consider giving you their real estate business.  At this point, real estate agents are really looking for a "yes."
So, what is the right client?  After much thought and experience, I've found the "right client" to be that buyer, seller, or renter who is sincerely serious and ready to do real estate … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: New Listing in Upper NW DC - 12/08/12 12:39 PM

$399,000 3BR's 1.5 BA's New Stainless Steel Appliances Double Oven in Kitchen New Paint Throughout Renovated BA's Improved Roof Original Hardwood Floors in Dining Room and Bedrooms 1BR 1BA English Basement Produces $800 in Rental Income Blocks Away From Public Transportation Minutes Away from Downtown DC and Silver, Spring MD Seller Giving Closing Help Up to $6000.00   Don't let your buyers miss out on this great opportunity to purchase real estate in a quickly growing city.  While in the city, this property still remains tucked away from the major hustle and … (2 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Where Should I Purchase? - 12/06/12 12:04 PM
In the world of real estate, location is a key factor.  When meeting with buyers, the notion of location tends to be a must have.  Therefore, buyers usually have a good sense of where they want to live.
As a buyer's agent, I have worked with many buyers.  There are those buyers who are set on what they want, and there are those buyers who are not.  For those buyers who are adamant about where they want to live, I always remind them to approach location with an open mind.  Many times buyers miss out on great properties when they refuse … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Greedy Is Not Always Good! - 12/05/12 09:41 AM
As a seller's agent, I love the challenge of selling homes.  Realtors who make selling homes their business, know what it takes to get a home sold.  There is an excitement, or even a rush, when putting a listing on the market.  But, with any listing, there has to be great thought and planning to raise it's probability of selling.
Now, here comes the fun part.  It's important for the listing agent and seller to have an in-depth conversation regarding what it will take to sell the home.  Location always sells a home, but pricing can break or make a buyer's … (3 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Trusting Your Realtor is Critical - 11/25/12 12:17 PM
Realtor's Corner: Trusting a realtor may seem like a large task, but it's a necessary part of the buying, selling, or renting process. While there is a level of self-determination within the process, don't let your self-determination interfere with the realtor's guidance. Being in the business for 8 years, I've learned that closing a deal takes great thought and precise strategy. There is definitely a method to the realtor's madness.  Some things are straight forward and some things are not.  Your success should always be a priority.  At least I know it is with me.  If the right moves aren't made, … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Let The Expert Do The Work! - 11/20/12 01:34 PM
Real estate agents are highly qualified professionals who know and understand their craft.  They have studied their materials, passed class and state exams, and obtained their licenses in various jurisdictions.  Not only do realtors attend monthly real estate office meetings, but they are required to obtain continuing education hours to renew their real estate licenses. Thus, when you meet a real estate agent, you are not just getting someone who wants your real estate business; you are getting a trained professional who is ready and equipped to help you achieve your real estate goals.
In this day and age, it is … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Know Your Options, Don't Just Walk! - 10/31/12 03:05 PM
I just heard from a neighbor in my condo community that several other neighbors just walked away from their condos.  This was unfortunate news.  As a real estate agent and home owner, I understand the financial hardships that owners face.  One day everything is going great, and then boom, your financial plane is taking a complete nose dive.  Talk to a realtor before you just abandon your home.  Real estate agents are trained to help you when it matters most.Thus, there are alternatives to abandoning your home.  Even if you decide to walk away, you still legally owe the mortgage company … (1 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Selling With Compromise - 10/29/12 02:30 PM
As a listing agent, I understand the concerns of a seller.  It seems like there's a lot of weight on a seller just to get a listing sold.  You're asked to pay the real estate commission for the listing and buyer's agent.  You're encouraged to help pay closing costs for the buyer.  And, you might be asked to spend money on home improvements to help get the listing sold.  At this point, it's understandable why the seller wants to scream "bloody murder" or even pull the listing off the market.
Working as a listing agent, real estate agents often make recommendations … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Why Are You Charging These Fees? - 10/25/12 10:48 AM
In the world of real estate, realtors are always hoping that their transactions will successfully go to settlement and close without any glitches.  However, as an experienced real estate agent, this does not always happen.  Realtors are constantly working with sellers, buyers, and renters, and often do not get compensated for the work that they've done.  In many ways, this is a part of the territory, but no realtor wants to work in vain.
Well, now I understand more why some real estate agents have early termination fees.  When a real estate agent gets new business, they are excited and ready … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Competing With The Unlicensed Expert! - 10/20/12 10:37 PM
No matter the real estate market, there are always homes for sale.  It's our duty as real estate agents to lead buyers to these properties.  The hope is that the buyer wants to write a sales offer on the home for sale and the seller will accept the offer.  Wait, did someone tell the buyer something else?  I don't remember giving out this recommendation or instructions to the buyer.  Is there another voice speaking to my buyer and where is this person at?
Yes, as trained professionals, real estate agents are often fighting against the voices of the unlicensed expert.  Well, … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: I Am Not Selling Coffee - 10/06/12 02:33 AM
Real estate agents are always constantly thinking about their next move and how they will bring in new clients.  As a realtor, I always thought that meeting buyers and rental clients should be a simple process.  I mean, what kind of complicated thinking does it take for a real estate agent to meet buyers and rental clients just to discuss real estate business and hopefully have them sign a Buyer's Agreement?  I can do that a Starbuck's, right?  Well, that's what I use to think before I heard the wisdom of another real estate agent.
I was at a real estate … (1 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: When Clients Don't Listen! - 10/01/12 01:52 PM
Real estate is supposed to be a team effort, but sometimes differences come up.  The goal is to find the buyer a home for sale, write a sales contract that will get accepted by the seller, and help the buyer succesfully get to settlement.  In the case of a seller, the goal is to list their home for sale, successfully get it under a sales contract, and help get the transaction to settlement. 
What happens when clients don't listen?  This is a tough spot for any real estate agent.  Sometimes, it seems that buyers and sellers have settled on certain things … (0 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Presentation Helps To Sell Your Home - 09/27/12 03:49 PM
There are several factors that are important to listing a home for sell.  One of those factors is presentation.  When interested buyers come to view home, they really wan't to be wooed and wowed by what they see.  On too many occasions, I've taken buyers out to view homes for sale and in a matter of minutes, they are ready to leave the property.  
When buyer's walk away quickly from a home, it's usually the presentation of the home that causes this instantaneous reaction.  A house can be overpriced, but if it shows well, there's still something for buyers to consider.  … (2 comments)

upper marlboro md: Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Let the Games Begin! - 09/19/12 11:03 PM
You've decided to buy a home.  As a buyer, you are very excited about the opportunity of finding a great deal.  Yes, there are many homes for sale.  You might even be a renter.  Maybe your lease will be expiring in several months and now you want to begin looking for rental properties.  Let the games begin!
On your marks, get set, go!  Buyers and renters are off to the races.  But wait, your only in 4th place.  You're a buyer and you've been searching for homes for sale for over three weeks.  You've seen a few homes for sale that … (0 comments)

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