advice: Creative Marketing that will awaken your Business! - 06/17/09 08:31 AM
Traditional marketing techniques are great, however, for some the old ways just are not working anymore.  I am asked frequently by other business owners, how do I maintain and gain customers.  My response is to throw out those traditional marketing techniques that are not working, create a ruckus to get noticed and people talking about your business.
The same core values of marketing applies in regards to learning key elements of your customer base. I believe changing your approach to marketing is the key.  Let's face it, marketing is required for business survival and if you don't do it your business … (1 comments)

advice: Communicating in Today's Business World via the Telephone - 11/03/08 02:08 PM
Have you ever wondered, "What Your Voice Says About You?" Quite frequently, we discuss the art of marketing our businesses, how to direct traffic to our websites, selecting logos, etc.  However, impressions of you are formed constantly by your spoken words. 
"Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that sometimes he has to eat them." Adlaie E. Stevenson
Your personality is conveyed solely through your words and the tone of your voice, when using the telephone.  So in essence, your telephone personality reinforces the caller's perception of both you and your company.  Your company is judged by each voice … (4 comments)

advice: In Need of Good Recommendations for Laser Printers! - 10/18/08 02:23 PM
Well, the last couple of days have been some trying days!  A pretty rough week to provide services....I found myself asking is this a sign to waive the white flag. 
Last night, my laser printer just blew up, literally.  You all know in the realty biz, it is a must to have a good reliable printer.  I spent the day shopping and comparing prices for a printer.  
Oh my gosh, if one more sales clerk tries to push a printer on me, I think I will scream!  I know for sure that I am going to have nightmares tonight!  
I heard the Ebay song … (14 comments)

advice: Does your Neighbor know what you do? Valuable Marketing Rules - 10/09/08 08:03 AM
When was the last time that you had a conversation with your neighbor or better yet, introduce yourself to a new neighbor?  How many of your neighbors know about the services that you render?  Many of us do  not like to mix business where we sleep and that is very understandable.  No one likes unannounced visits by neighbors or neighbors assuming that they can get services for free or next to nothing just because they are your neighbors.
What I have found over the years, marketing to thy neighbors has been very rewarding.  However, with marketing to neighbors, there are rules:
1.  Research, … (3 comments)

advice: When is the right time to talk to your kids? - 10/03/08 02:27 AM
With all that is going on in this economy, many people losing their jobs, losing their homes, higher gas and food, etc., many ask how do I talk to my kids.  I like many of you feel bad about having to say no to my kids when they reach for that special snack or that toy. 
The fact of the matter, this is economy is cause families to come back to dinner table together and have open discussions together.  So why not discuss the what is going on with the economy with your children.  My daughter (8 years old) stated, "Mommy, I … (0 comments)

advice: What to do if your bank fails and you have a Safe Deposit Box there? - 09/30/08 11:53 AM
In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced some major problems in the banking world.  In these times, it is difficulty to know what to do or where to go for answers.  However, you can count on Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. to be there for you. 
When an insured bank or thrift closes, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) usually arranges for another institution to take it over, including branches where you might have a safe deposit box. In those situations, you should be able to conduct business as usual. If the FDIC cannot find a buyer for your bank, it arranges for you to … (0 comments)

advice: Market Your Services through Direct E-mail, Foreign Websites, etc. - 09/28/08 02:30 PM
For years, I have used mass e-mail marketing campaigns to promote my business directly to mortgage, title and field service companies.  Once a month I send out ove 200 e-mails to various companies throughout the United States to market my services.  I usually get about 10 - 20 hits from marketing this way.  Some companies will send you return e-mails, contracts in the mail, or requests for assignments just from that initial introduction letter about your services. 
The contents of your advertisement should include: your name, service types, areas of coverage, contact info, availbility and a little description about your services.  Branding … (13 comments)

advice: Tips on what contents to store in your Bank Safe Deposit Boxes! - 09/28/08 12:58 PM
Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. specializes in performing safe deposit inventory for many bank institutions.  Banking institutions are typically not allowed to used internal notaries to perform or assist in the inventory of bank safe deposit boxes. 

Often times, we are asked what can or can not be stored in safe deposit boxes.  We have compiled a comprehensive list. Please be advised that you don't have to put all of the items below into your box. Once you decide what items you are going to store there, keep a list of the contents, updating it whenever you add or remove items. The list … (6 comments)

advice: Serve Me Here...Free Advertisement...Take A Look! - 09/22/08 10:10 AM
I am from the old school of thought, if you have something that may be beneficial to others than you share it.  Yesterday, I sent out an blog titled, Great Advertisement Site, Why Not Share!, I thought for sure that many people would jump on it.  Too my surprise, not many did.  Well, I figured, that I will give it a try again. 
ServeMeHere.comis a website that offers advertisement to professionals that offer to door to door services to all.  It allows you to post your schedule on-line and place ads for each individual service that you offer. 
I am no devoted … (6 comments)

advice: Connection with Others, the Value of It.... - 09/21/08 06:07 AM
Often times, as professionals, we cringe at the thought of having to attend business functions, forums, etc.  I use to make it a practice to show up and sneak out as soon as possible.  The thought wearing a fake smile or the meet greet social gathering was just overbearing for me. 
Well, I took a long look at my disposition and realized that I was hurting myself, my business and cheating my company out of the opportunity for growth.
You see, once I changed my disposition, I began to see the value of it.  Though you may not always get a lead … (4 comments)

advice: Great Advertisement Site, Why Not Share! - 09/21/08 04:33 AM
In my ongoing pursuit of looking for great advertisement sites, I came across this little gem that offers free advertisement.  It is a website for professional services.  It allows you to advertise your services and display your appointment schedule on-line.  Anyone can use it, a notary, realtor or a graphic photographer...hence the nursery rhyme.  :) Corny, I know!
However it is especially great for those professionals who offers mobile services which allows the customer to choose where they would like the service performed.  What I really like, is that you can list each service individually and provide your rate info, etc.
It … (16 comments)


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