consumer education: New Mortgage Rules - HUD News Alert - 11/14/08 04:20 AM
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has issued long-anticipated mortgage reforms that will help consumers shop for the lowest cost mortgage and avoid costly and potentially harmful loan offers. HUD will require that lenders and mortgage brokers provide consumers with a standard Good Faith Estimate (GFE) that clearly discloses key loan terms and closing costs. HUD estimates its new regulation will save consumers nearly $700 at the closing table.   The easy-to-read standard Good Faith Estimate (GFE) will clearly answer the key questions consumers have when applying for a mortgage, including:   o What's the term of the loan? … (2 comments)

consumer education: What to do if your bank fails and you have a Safe Deposit Box there? - 09/30/08 11:53 AM
In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced some major problems in the banking world.  In these times, it is difficulty to know what to do or where to go for answers.  However, you can count on Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. to be there for you. 
When an insured bank or thrift closes, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) usually arranges for another institution to take it over, including branches where you might have a safe deposit box. In those situations, you should be able to conduct business as usual. If the FDIC cannot find a buyer for your bank, it arranges for you to … (0 comments)

consumer education: Tips on what contents to store in your Bank Safe Deposit Boxes! - 09/28/08 12:58 PM
Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. specializes in performing safe deposit inventory for many bank institutions.  Banking institutions are typically not allowed to used internal notaries to perform or assist in the inventory of bank safe deposit boxes. 

Often times, we are asked what can or can not be stored in safe deposit boxes.  We have compiled a comprehensive list. Please be advised that you don't have to put all of the items below into your box. Once you decide what items you are going to store there, keep a list of the contents, updating it whenever you add or remove items. The list … (6 comments)

consumer education: For helpful Consumer Tips and Tools, Check out UKE Tips at - 08/15/08 09:12 AM
Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. takes pride in offering services and helpful information that all consumers can benefit from.  We have added helpful informational tips and tools that can be used daily at
Do you ever wonder about what the duties of a notary public are?  You can download a brochure that provides you with that information.
We have provided information on reverse mortgages.
Getting a passport can troublesome!  We provide a link to a site that provides you with pertinent information for obtaining passports, the procedures, applications, fees and local acceptance facilities.
We are big advocates for fighing against … (2 comments)

consumer education: A Story that Hits Close to Home, it can happen to any of Us.... - 07/16/08 05:10 AM
Early this morning, I was awaken to the Larry King Live Show.  The topic was of course related to current nightmares of the mortgage crisis. 
The program had one family that fell victims to a loan modification that stated they were forced into.  This had troubled me a little because I was requested to close over 50 loan modifications within a month by this same company.  I remember many clients informing me that they were contacted by this company stating that they were eligible to pull monies out from the loans and that nothing would change with their terms.  It amazed me … (5 comments)

consumer education: Scams that target the Elderly! - 06/10/08 04:50 AM
Our senior citizens are falling prey to frauds. With senior scams, fraudsters gain trust and confidence by pretending to be concerned about the senior's well-being. Once they've gained that trust, they encourage the victim to make a quick decision without consulting a family member.
Types of Scams
Investments - In these types of scams, the fraudster persuades the elderly to invest in gems, real estate or stocks and bonds claiming a high rate of return on the investment. The gems are often fake, the real estate is ramshackle, and the stocks and bonds are shares in a nonexistent company.
Sweepstakes - You … (8 comments)

consumer education: FYI, ATM Thefts! - 06/10/08 04:27 AM
There has recently been a high volume of ATM Thefts which is spreading from state to state.  It is amazing of how criminals are finding vast ways to steal money from unsuspecting consumers.  The crooks are using devices to make it appear as if your card was taken by the mac machine.  Actually, it is a metal device that is slide into the location were your card is inserted, then a person misleading acts as if they are trying to help you get your card back, when they are really getting you to attempt to place your pin# in their presence.  Please take a look at the following clip:    
C:\Documents and … (0 comments)

consumer education: Some Documents Can Be Troublesome for Notaries - 05/21/08 08:37 AM
Many consumers have the wrong perceptions of the Notary's duties.  It is commonly thought, that a Notary Public is to notarize any document presented to them, with no questions asked and that is the way it is.  There are some Notary Publics who will do just that and there are some who fail to record all notary acts in a journal.  Well think again, because those Notaries are breaking the law.    
In PA, all Notaries are required to record all notary acts in a journal, however, no signature is required of the consumer.  In other states, a journal is required … (0 comments)


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