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All things foreclosure: subprime & predatory lending updates, mortgage origination fraud, loan servicing errors, loss mitigation, preforeclosure sale and preforeclosure short sale transaction construct, etc.
I've been invited to attend a foreclosure avoidance workshoppe/seminar being held in San Diego next week. As Executive Director for a non profit homeownership advocacy, I can invite a limited number of guests - distressed CA homeowners who are fustrated with their loan servicers, and are ready to...
President Obama's TARP program doled out hundreds of billions of federal taxdollars to gangster capitalists like Citibank and Bank of America, which get off on charging $4 for using ATMs and 29.99 percent interest in credit cards.  What Banks are REALLY doing to help the economy! Got an extra $5 ...
THROWING ELDERLY WIDOWS OUT THE HOUSE   What Banks are Really Doing to Help the Economy   By David Petrovich and Jeffrey Ross Williams   The collapse of the U.S. economy and the global recession it spawned almost one year ago was precipitated by the banking industry's insatiable addiction to put...
Is your mortgage loan at risk of default? Foreclosure? Has your lender turned you down for a loan modification?  Your loan servicer's boondoggle and backlog may be easing up a bit, so you should renew your request for workout consideration, but don't be suckered into thinking you must use a loan ...
FORECLOSURE CRISIS NEEDS PRIVATE-PUBLIC PROGRAMS By David M. Petrovich For hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the United States it is increasingly difficult to believe in the guarantees of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as the American Dream of homeownership evaporates along...
"The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people."  Abraham Lincoln  Millions of our Nation's homes are under threat of attack by mortgage foreclosure. We are experiencing the highest rate of unemployment and house the greatest prison population in decades.  Isn't it about time We, The P...
Sorry, there are no shortcuts.  Loan Mod Reps who claim otherwise are deluded, or dishonest. The process of prequalifying the borrower, then making appropriate application for a loan modification requires borrower participation, and unmitigated cooperation throughout the ordeal.  There is hard wo...
We must appreciate the reality of problems and or life changing events which precipitate the borrowers' mortgage delinquency, default, or foreclosure.  These problems exact an adverse impact on their decision making process.  Emotionally and financially distressed homeowners struggling to keep th...
Q. Hello... I live in the state of MD. My house went to auction on 12/15 and was returned to the bank. How soon can I expect the sheriff to show up at my door? I live in Prince George's County. Any info is appreciated. Thanks. A. When the Sheriff does knock on your door, it will be to serve a Wri...

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