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Loan mod approved in May 2010 for a duplex property.  July 2010 owner passes.  Nowhere in the loan mod document is their a clause that covers death.  The property is willed to the sister.  They have a tenant on one side that covers the mortgage payment. Loan doc says to notify them within 30 days...
Building an empire isn’t for wimps and sissies!  Only serious contenders should read further. Most people fail to create a business plan on paper so they can track results and stay on point.  Systems need to be put into place, marketing decisions must be made as well as hiring support staff whet...
  “Few people are willing to stop being what they are to be what they want” …Dr. Gene Landrum Most traditional thinking business owners are making the same mistakes marketing primarily with their “brand”….company name and logo!  Many hear and read about the formula for success month in and month...
Grant at Ft. Donelson demanded unconditional and immediate surrender. At Appomattox he offered as lenient terms as a victor ever extended to the vanquished. Why the difference? The first event was at the beginning of the war, when the enemy's morale must be shaken. The other was at the end of the...
  On September 5, 1882, the Central Labor Union held a Labor Day celebration in New York City. The organization later encouraged other groups to follow their example, and annual Labor Day holidays began to be observed across the country. In 1887 Oregon became the first state to create an official...

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