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  Halloween, celebrated each year on October 31, is a mix of ancient Celtic practices, Catholic  and Roman religious rituals and European folk traditions that blended together over time to create the holiday we know today. Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity and life a...
There is one aspect of real estate marketing that is totally misunderstood.  In fact, most people disregard it completely.   They think it is a waste of time. They forget to do it, or the just flat out discount its effectiveness. This critical component is FOLLOW-UP. Yes.  You read that correctly...
Many real estate professionals have a problem with marketing.  Well, let me clarify that point:  They have a problem with what they THINK real estate marketing is.   Many realtors only view marketing as a member of their peer group plastering his face on the side of a bus or sending out some chee...
When you think about all the different relationships in your life, which ones do you think are most important?  Your therapist will tell you it is your relationship with your mother. Your mother will tell you it is your relationship with your spouse. Your clergy member will tell you it is your re...
Isn't it frustrating when you meet someone who is a mediocre agent but has more clients paying higher fees than you are currently receiving? We see this all the time.  Nice guy/gal.  So-so professional.  Lots of clients.  What is his/her secret? Maybe she is an Internet wizard or maybe he has hun...
When you work with sellers all day long and when you give people frank, direct advice about something they feel strongly about (their property), you are bound to have a few people disagree and push back.  This is nothing new for me.  I not only have to make good recommendations, I have to sell th...
I have a confession....Does this sound like anyone you know? I battle procrastination every single day.  It's terrible.  I constantly feel as though I am up against a deadline.  Actually, that is not correct.  I feel like I am up against a guy with a loaded gun pointed against my head...waiting t...
Take a moment and think about the real estate firm you envisioned when first began practicing your profession.  Did you imagine owning a firm that produced a seven figure income? Did you think you would be a partner in a big firm?  Did you imagine working on engaging matters that stimulated you? ...
I bet you are a good real estate agent.  You might even be one of the best in town.  Yet at the end of the day you have a conversation with your partner or spouse and it goes something like this: "I do not understand why I keep getting these crappy clients.  They demand EVERYTHING and they want i...
Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. He was the oldest of five children in his family. He wanted to find a short way to get to the Indies by ship in order to trade spice.He was a Christian and wanted to tell the story of Christ to the people he would find in the far-away lands. He also...

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