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How are you? That three-word question, when asked with genuine concern, can be a powerful way to start or continue to build a relationship with a client. Unfortunately, most of us ask that question and (subconsciously) hope we don't get a lengthy answer. Let's face it, we've all had the experienc...
Innovative approaches to business and fun, in this instance, give clients time to pause and recognize talent.  My cutting-edge, ahead of the curve friends, Alexandra and Ron at Language of Luxury are always discovering trends that never go out of style.  Allow me to introduce you to their latest ...
South Florida is top heavy in bargains...finally!  Cash is King and plenty of opportunity for buyers. There was a period of time with no activity.  We sat for a two year block of time with no movement whatsoever.  Now property is moving.  All the REO Listing Specialists had to invest in respectiv...
Commercial Expert and my friend, Duke Long -- Top 12 Must Have Mobil Apps for Commercial Real Estate  http://post.ly/1sSZ0
    A House Divided For many people, the federal home sale gain exclusion is the single most valuable tax break available. But if you're getting divorced and selling a home, you may need to plan ahead to take advantage of the tax break. We'll explain why, but first, here's a little background in...
Happy Spring Time everyone! How is your score card reading for first quarter completion? Positive or negative? For those of us who actually write down the goals we may be enjoying positive results.  Plenty of buyer activity here in sunny, south Florida.  Cash is king, followed by investor groups ...

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