eileen burns: Sensei/Grasshopper: Round IV - 05/05/15 05:40 AM
Sensei/Grasshopper contest!  Eileen Burns, Florida real estate connector in Ft Lauderdale believes she may be looking for a Mentor once I identify which category I know I need help in honingmy online skillset for real estate.  A big shout out to Dick Greenberg for hosting along with his team.  Just in case you missed the posting...here it is below
This will be a hot topic at our Ft Lauderdale meetup Tuesday 1130am to 1pm Kaluz Restaurant Commercial Blvd.....AND Wednesday 1130 to 1  Delray Beach FL
50 Ocean - look for the red canapoy to valet park right along A1A with Kathy Streib....we always … (2 comments)

eileen burns: Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns - 12/28/14 09:45 AM
 Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns
Real Estate Relevant Information here in Active Rain
Joining real estate social media giant Active Rain becomes
more exciting with member participation.
Please click on the stories and comment so
Newbies can feel the magnitude of our association
Tapping into the growing market of real estate IRA investors-Yvonne Garcia
Year in Review: The top 25 WORST passwords of 2014 - Paul Eastwood
On A Lighter Note - 10 Things You Should Never Say To a Realtor   Helena Gentile
Are We In The Wrong House? - … (11 comments)

eileen burns: Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns - 12/19/14 06:07 AM
Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns
It is always wonderful to meet and greet the newest members of
our Active Rain Real Estate Community.
If you have not had occasion to comment please do so now.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
Mark your calendars for your local meetup
in your area the last week of January.
  I LOVE that Kitchen!!    Robyn Govert - AZ
  Thanks Active Rain, I'm going to jump now! - Jill Moog - CA
I Love Living in Southeast Orlando!  - Youree Lundy … (12 comments)

eileen burns: Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns - 12/11/14 04:37 AM
 Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns
Let's make welcome these courageous new members here in our Active Rain community by commenting on their first blog posts. 
   Avoid Risk When Working With Buyers   - Shannon Rose - OR
  Problem Solving, Ranching, and Bike Riding  Traci & Richmond Frasier
  2 Simple Things That Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster-  Janice Baldwin - GA
  Why is your front door so important?  - Cyndi Stone -OH
For your luxury home purchase in metro Miami, Ft … (8 comments)

eileen burns: Tuesday Travelogue-December 2nd - 12/07/14 02:41 AM
Eileen Burns in Ft Lauderdale FL enjoyed Gayle's post so muchmade be 22 weeks behind this great Travelogue but enjoyed Gayle's post so much I am re-blogging for all my followers who have yet to discover this golden nugget.  Thanks Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk Lake Realtor (503)755-2905 
Welcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our twentysecond  week! Each week, some ActiveRain bloggers are spotlighted to take us somewhere we may not have been on some kind of virtual travel (and it doesn't cost a dime!). Here is the purpose:
" to enjoy the ride"
"take a trip without even … (13 comments)

eileen burns: Welcome Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns - 12/07/14 01:40 AM
Welcome the Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns
Real Estate relationships are cultivated over time in Florida and across the globe.  When one has the courage to take the first step magical moments in time occur.  Please make welcome our newest Active Rain members by visiting their first blog post and leaving a comment and some encouragement.
How I Became a Real Estate Agent                        Katrina Thomas - TX
Don’t sabotage your MLS listing: 3 mistakes you can correct today!    Jason Zaitz - TX  
The Holidays in Real Estate          Pamela … (7 comments)

eileen burns: Welcome the Active Rain Newbie "First Posts" by Eileen Burns - 11/30/14 07:17 AM
Weekly Roundup of Featured Active Rain Newbie Posts by Eileen Burns  -Visit the courageous new members who are delivering content and value and offer your encouragement.   Are you calling the number on the sign?      Shannon Hall - MI
My Real Estate Investing Mentor  Christopher Mekker - NY
4 Things Your Customers Should Know About Title Insurance  Terry Smith - TX
chose a reblog as her first post... so please visit both sites and comment Jennifer Ferri - TX
   What REALTORS Must Know About Probate          Paul Horn - CA
For your luxury home purchase … (7 comments)

eileen burns: Fireplace and Wood Burning Safety Tips - 11/25/14 10:33 PM
Eileen Burns, #FloridaRealEstateConnector, wishes to share her business colleague's wise words about fireplace safety this season.  Don't forget bi-annual chimmey sweeps to prevent house fires.  Many consumers may not know but tropical weather dissipates north of West Palm Beach.  Our northern most part of the peninsular experiences seasons that include nippy, cold weather.  I can hear the crackling of that fire now..enjoy
For your metro Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach Florida real estate luxury needs contact Eileen@FloridaRealEstateConnector.com
 Fireplace and Wood Burning Safety Tips
As the weather gets colder, many will be firing up the wood burning stove or … (4 comments)

eileen burns: Embarrassing moments in Florida real estate property showings - 11/12/14 06:40 AM
Embarrassing moments in Florida real estate property showings!
You know the routine...
locate the properties for the prospective buyer
call the agent for showing instructions
or show assist instructions
Call the Buyer with agenda
Begin the day with the buyer focused criteria
Check out the Turnberry Golf Course in Aventura, FL
photo credit  Brandon Tucker/TravelGolf
Plenty of high rise condos
and town homes
to choose from
We approached the guard gate, provided identification and proceeded to valet to park.  We enter the towers, approach the security desk to sign in armed with our showing instructions, … (18 comments)

eileen burns: Napa,CA Impromptu Active Rain Meetup by Eileen Burns - 11/09/14 04:50 AM
Eileen Burns, Ft Lauderdale FL is happy to share our Active Rain Meetup in Napa Valley CA
Napa Riverfront celebrating halloween
Curtis Van Carter, Napa CA graciously provided a walking tour of downtown Napa so we could assess the earthquake damage and enjoy the sites.
Happy to report lots of scafolding and not too much damage that cannot be corrected in time

This is the former Opera House in downtown
Welcome to the Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery and the Bounty Hunter
with Vicky Wilson, Eileen Burns, Curtis Van Carter

eileen burns: Welcome the Active Rain Newbies "First Posts" by Eileen Burns - 11/09/14 03:20 AM
No matter what Real Estate Market you offer service in, it is important to use multiple marketing methods to gain visibility
Let's head over and offer a warm welcome to the Featured Active Rain Newbies if you have not already done so.
  Divorcing Couple Pose Special Challenges Doree Adams - OH Kathy Armstrong - TX
Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector Before Buying Your Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Home 
Sharon Kotchetovsky -  Downsizing in Upper Bucks PA  
Where Have All the First-Time Buyer’s Gone? - Eliot Serber - PA  
    Sandi Merenda - TX   Ford Holiday River … (6 comments)

eileen burns: Are Sneezers Spreading Your Remark-ability? - 10/27/14 07:29 AM
Active Rain members can be remarkable! Eileen Burns, FL real estate broker in Hollywood, likes to be a good news merchant aka a sneezer!  Gilette invested a chunk of their budget to name the product fusion and so appropriate.  Love Ron and Alexandra's analogy about remarkability.  Once again they are spot on.  Well worth a re-blog!  Well worth following their blog posts as well.  Go spark a buzz today! It works in CA and FL as well.
If you are looking to purchase luxury waterfront property in metro Ft Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach
follow me on facebook:  Florida Real … (10 comments)

eileen burns: Acive Rain Newbie Post by Eileen Burns 10/20-26, 2014 - 10/26/14 10:33 AM
Eileen Burns, Luxury Real Estate Broker In Hollywood, FL would like to welcome Active Rain Newbie first blog posts.
Some already focused on localism, a triple featured first post
please offer a warm welcome and comment on their posts
Halloween Happenings in Montgomery County, Tennessee 2014
Cheryl Molina TN
3 Ways to Stop Being So Old and Irrelevant
Ryan Band - KY
New Hope Celebrates Halloween Week October 26-31
Jackie Orr - NJ PA
Should you wish to purchase a tropical … (6 comments)

eileen burns: Facebook's Beating YouTube At It's Own Game - But Are You Playing? - 10/22/14 11:32 PM
Eileen Burns, Hollywood FL luxury waterfront real estate broker, is reminding you today is YOU TUBE Thursday in Active Rain groupland....join the group for fascinating information about adding additional tools to your marketing box.....
and time to meet and engage with the Video Blogging Boys! They deliver content and value in this post below and serve a niche market. They are a great resource for outsourcing   Eileen the Florida Real Estate Consellnector
This is a game changer.  You're going to want to share it with everyone who does video.
And everyone who does NOT yet do video.  Then kick their butts … (8 comments)

eileen burns: Active Rain Newbie Posts Oct 13-19, 2014 by Eileen Burns - 10/19/14 03:12 AM
Active Rain Newbie Posts Oct 13-19, 2014 by Eileen Burns
Real estate (buying and selling  properties) is on fire in Hollywood, Fl and nationwide.  Active Rain is "the platform" to share nationwide tips on what is working today in our markets.
Timely first blog posts from our New members are included today.  Please take time to show your support and encouragement by commenting!
Many AR Newbie members have already received overwhelming comments and one has even received a double feature....be sure and check them all out!  Lots of creative content and value here in the RAIN

Halloween Safety … (4 comments)

eileen burns: Would You Believe? Agent 99 is Eileen Burns Active Rain FL Leaderboard - 10/17/14 03:19 AM
Would You Believe
....I am Agent 99 in the Florida Active Rain Leaderboard Today
Well it is true... Remember the show GET SMART?
Wikipedia says:
Get Smart is an American comedy television series that satirizes the secret agent genre. Created by Mel Brooks. The show stars Don Adams (as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86),Barbara Feldon(as Agent 99), and Edward Platt (as Chief).The series was created to capitalize on "the two biggest things in the entertainment world in the day: James Bond and Inspector Clouseau.
The successful show ran from September 18, 1965, to May 15, 1970.
During … (13 comments)

eileen burns: Brand Loyalty: Jaw-Dropping Service Makes The Difference! - 10/14/14 03:08 PM

My friend Ron and Alexandra have given us yet another example of differentiation in the market place.  What are you now doing or planning to do that sets you apart from every other broker or agent in your marketplace?

As an independent luxury real estate marketing firm, who wants to compete against the big brand real estate franchises, you can have a distinct advantage by providing   “jaw-dropping" service. It may cause potential clients to switch brand loyalty in your favor.
Recently, we visited our local independent pet store, instead of heading out to the national chain store in downtown … (2 comments)

eileen burns: Your $5.9MM Panoramic View From the Clouds Miami FL - 10/09/14 10:03 AM
Your $5.9MM Panoramic View From the Clouds Miami FL
One Island Place - Aventura's finest
The Miami luxury real estate market is brimming with activity
with multiple towers high in the sky.  The current trend for many buyers
who are purchasing exquisite homes is smart, turnkey residences.
If you are a buyer who is seeking unique and extraordinary, a
property like this will surpass
your deepest desires.
From your future terrace in the sky!
Breathless forever views of the Atlantic Ocean
watching the yachts floating by
Village of Golden … (12 comments)

eileen burns: Pumpkin Patches & Halloween Parties in metro Hollywood, FL 2014 - 10/08/14 05:53 AM
Pumpkin Patches & Halloween Parties in metro Hollywood, FL 2014
Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, so naturally your whole family will want to get in on the fun in Hollywood, FL and the surrounding areas.
                                                                       Who wants to Win $25,000?  
         Seminole Hard Rock's "Scary Rock Star" Costume Contest
                                                                                                                                                                               Creepy Haunted Houses                    Festival of Souls at Gulfstream Village The Village at Gulfstream Park
501 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL
Info:(855) 666-SOULS (7685)

eileen burns: Golden Beach, FL October 2014 Market Report by Eileen Burns - 10/07/14 07:01 AM
Golden Beach, FL October 2014 Market Report
Own a seaside luxury home, direct ocean access for your vessel, play golf at Turnberry, walk to the beach, shop in Aventura and Bal Harbour
endless possibilities



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