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Just in case you missed this featured post today....it is important to note all the comments to this post as well.  Focus is safe and easy...Please fell free to chime in In a recent update, we made some changes to the blog editor. If you've written a blog post today you will know about this. I'd ...
A hot topic!  Check out more than 50 comments to see if you too have these items on your list for success.  Do you break down your plan in this matter of not? Lists can be powerful when used properly. They imply organization, impart control, and enable understanding.  Instead of a "to do" list, I...
Are you outsourcing your IDX or handling the task yourself?  Our Active Rain community members are always willing to lend a hand and/or provide tips to keep your well-oiled machine purring.  Are You Maximizing Your IDX To Sell Your Listings? Frankly, some houses are fairly easy to sell.  The mark...
Great post by Dee this morning.  time to chime in here and provide your sage comments to this discussion.  What is your feeling about history and the direction Realtors must take at the helm of the new company who acquired us?  Is it really WIIFM? We got this from NAR yesterday.  Now they want ou...
When it comes to acquisition of luxury homes, all buyers do not use cash.  Below is a detailed wrap up of what is going on in the juimbo loan market today.  Plenty of opportunity to use OPM with favorable rates.  Luxury Buyers Need a Luxury Mortgage          For the first time since I've been in ...
As host of a great event one does put the message out to the members in a post format and group format.  One can go the extra mile and invite from a top ranking point of view and personally invite those members who only post their listings versus blogging. Nonetheless, welcome to Gulfstream Villa...
It is so important to write and draft your stories for the person reading your content and not yourself.  My friend and business colleague, Richie, clearly engages and capitvates his readers and followers ongoing.  Do you? I am speaking specifically of my subscribers. If someone has taken the tim...
Who better than a member of this demographics to present the current real estate markt trends and sources of information.  How are planning to position yourself and your business for the Millennial and Echo Boomers coming into the market place? Time to listen up and adjust accordingly to stay ahe...
Miami real estate community will be celebrating August 12th at our crown jewel location - Gulfstream Village --- The Sport of Champions -- thoroughbred racing! hosted by Eileen Burns         Paladar's Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar   4pm to 7pm   801 Silks Run #1580  ground floor - south side   Hallanda...
        Whether you wish to swim in the ocean or a yoga workout...we are all celebrating the Super Moon here in Florida.   Water tower and soon to be Hyde park Condo Hotel seaside!                              Super Moon Hallandale Beach, FL                                                        ...

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