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Commercial Real Estate Agent - Trans State Commercial RE Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Palm Beach - 0516472
Who better than a member of this demographics to present the current real estate markt trends and sources of information.  How are planning to position yourself and your business for the Millennial and Echo Boomers coming into the market place? Time to listen up and adjust accordingly to stay ahe...
Miami real estate community will be celebrating August 12th at our crown jewel location - Gulfstream Village --- The Sport of Champions -- thoroughbred racing! hosted by Eileen Burns         Paladar's Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar   4pm to 7pm   801 Silks Run #1580  ground floor - south side   Hallanda...
        Whether you wish to swim in the ocean or a yoga workout...we are all celebrating the Super Moon here in Florida.   Water tower and soon to be Hyde park Condo Hotel seaside!                              Super Moon Hallandale Beach, FL                                                        ...
Even though I have read some of the posts before and commented, it is always good to receive reminders.  Better than that I am re-blogginh to share with my followers who may have missed any of these posts.  I know I needed the refresher on some topics.  How about you? Hey Everyone - Thanks so muc...
Tammy keeps us all in the loop when it comes to the shifting changes in the world of SEO.  Just check all the comments in her featured blog post to see the value of 1000 words.  Should you be writing about a passionate subject, it should be that big of a challenge.  I will let you know.  Then, I ...
We continue to learn from one another!  mel wasn't afraid to publish mistakes.  As a result, she was featured in Inman news....real the post and comment.  Branding and saving for a rainy day lessons. Inman Rocked My Inbox!  When I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled, The Mistakes I've Made in Rea...
Elyse Berman, hosted by Kathy Streib, Cece, Debra, Eileen Burns, Winston, Richard Zaretsky, Victoria  Lorusso, Lou Ludwig                                                                 Seaside View                           calm ocean today        deep discussions                                ...
with new Active Rain changes comes new buttons to press.....  or NOT check out your choices below for tagging and notifications.  If your inbox is cluttered you may choose to press some of those buttons when you are tagged in comments. How to stop email notifications when you are tagged on Active...
    From the Ladies Room....... Houston's ......Barbie Dolls     Meet the Ft Lauderdale Active Rain Barbie Dolls!     Kathy Streib, Madame Ambassador/Home Stager Carol Lozito..Realtor and newbie to Active Rain Joy Carter...currently running for City Commisioner, Coral Springs, FL.vote!   Eileen B...
@LizFreeman surely collected a golden list to provide to sellers and buyers to further protect their personal security.  I am recommending all agents think about adding this valuable tool to the box of presentations With all the news concerning retailers databases being compromised and resulting ...

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