idiot: How To Scare A Racist Seller Straight.. . . Otherwise Known As: Why Phly Would Make A Bad Realtor! - 08/18/10 06:14 PM
Alan May, you are my new muse! ;)
Alan posted a very, very good blog post, A Tale Of Two. If you have not read it yet, you really should. But what got my creative juices flowing was the "How would I handle this?" part of the blog.
Racism is right at the top of my pet peeves list. To be blunt: It's a stupid, antiquated attitude that should have been completely stamped out eons ago. Personally, I don't care if someone is neon pink with purple spots; their skin color and racial heritage do not make a difference to me. … (21 comments)

idiot: Why Everyone Should Dance Like An Idiot - 07/06/10 08:07 AM
We all deal with it every day, all day long. There are more kinds of stress than there are enough names to classify, and we have to handle all of them at one point or another. So the big questions is: What do you do about it?
Stress is a fact of life, and we deal with it in a multitude of ways. We can run from it, hide from it, pretend it is not there, claim we thrive on it or simply just deal with it. It leaves us feeling frazzled, harassed, frustrated, angry, emotionally traumatized … (7 comments)

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