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The process of purchasing a new home today is more complex than ever. Adding to the complexity is the majority of homes for sale today in Florida are distressed sales.  Foreclosures, short sales, REO, the list goes on. Navigating through the process requires a trained Realtor. We often recommend...
The USDA Rural Development 502 Guarantee program here in Florida is primarily used to help low-moderate income individuals or households purchase homes in Florida's rural defined locations. The wonderful part of this Government backed mortgage program is there is no required down payment…$0.   T...
Question:  I was reading about the USDA program details and it says 102% financing. Does this mean that we can receive 100% financing on the home we buy, then receive 2% cash back to pay off debts or something similar?  L. Gifford / Sarasota, FL Answer:  The additional 2% is used for the one tim...
In order to better your chances in successfully getting your FHA loan approved here it always helps to be well-informed. You have to be aware of what you need do before applying as well as know the process of your application, the documents required, and finally, the closing which is where you a...
100% USDA home loans are still readily available in qualified locations throughout Florida. Interest rates are at historic lows and property values are once again affordable. Zero down payment required making the USDA program suitable for Florida first time home buyers. Many locations just outsi...
The USDA Rural Development loan program is essentially a mortgage program that is supported by the US government’s agriculture department. The intent of the mortgage program is to promote development and expansion in Florida’s rural communities by offering a $0 down payment home loans.  USDA sta...
We have received many questions recently about the process of applying for a USDA Home Loan in Florida. What is the loan application process for Rural Development /USDA, how long does it take? Additionally, how long does the USDA closing process take, etc.  We have outlined some clarification be...
USDA Home Loans are perfect for Florida first time home owners. The USDA Rural Housing loan program requires a zero down payment with fixed rate mortgage terms. This is perfect for Florida first time home buyers that want to purchase a home, but do not have the large down payment required by mos...
Just some of the highlights of 100% Rural Housing mortgages in Florida -- Rural Housing /USDA Loans require NO money down – up to 103.5% financing. Rural Housing /USDA loans have NO monthly mortgage insurance costs (PMI) like other loans. Closing costs can often be included or rolled into your l...
This is just a reminder to all protective Florida USDA home buyers that starting Oct 1st the cost of USDA home loans are going up…slightly.  USDA Rural Housing will be adding a monthly mortgage insurance premium (like FHA, etc) on top of the already present USDA Rural Housing funding fee.Technic...


USDA /FHA Mortgage Source
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