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Many buyers starting the USDA mortgage process ask “how to locate approved USDA Rural homes in Florida”  Most of the counties in Florida do contain USDA eligible locations, in fact only Broward, Pinellas and Monroe do NOT contain any eligible locations. The USDA 502 Guarantee program is for any s...
Home buyers looking to purchase a home in Holmes and Washington County should check into the 100% NO money down USDA Rural Housing Mortgage.  Holmes and Washington County are currently 100% eligible approved locations for 100% Rural Development USDA housing!  The USDA home loan is perfect for fir...
The new USDA streamline refinance (Pilot program) is helping many Florida home owners take advantage of the low interest rates we see today.  The best part is the new enhanced USDA refinance program is NO minimum equity requirements and no new appraisal is needed. Keep in mind this program only a...
Many first time home buyers in Florida face one big problem when trying to purchase their first home, lack of savings for the down payment! In many cases the down payment requirements for FHA and Conventional loans are just out of reach.   The 100% USDA home mortgage is the perfect loan program ...
Please see the current USDA Rural Development income requirements for Florida 2012-2013. Great news as all the counties in Florida have increased over years past so more homebuyers can now qualify. Keep in mind that other deductions related to child care expenses, disability, elderly, etc and als...
Purchasing your first home can be exciting ….and a little stressful at the same time.  Just mention buying your first home and suddenly there are real estate agents, insurance agents, friends and mortgage lenders who seem to appear out of nowhere. Yet knowing you want to buy your first home and ...
The new Florida USDA Rural Development pilot refinance program could help thousands of Florida rural homeowners refinance into lower rates. The new USDA refinance program, which was first announced earlier this year allows homeowners in rural areas to refinance their homes with lower interest ra...
Did you know that USDA Rural Housing is the only $0 down payment loan program available in Lake County FL? Unless you have VA eligibility and entitlements, this the only option.  Funny thing is when most people think “USDA” they think about something only related to rancher or famers, but that i...
Great news for Florida residents with USDA Rural home loans  - Rural Development recently announced a new pilot refinance program that will now allow Florida homeowners to include closings costs into their new loan.  This is great news for FL homeowners that have a USDA home loan and couldn’t re...
Nearly all of  Collier County Florida is still eligible for 100% USDA Rural financing. That’s right first time buyers, it’s still possible to purchase your first home in FL with no money out of pocket!  Below we have listed some advantages of the USDA home loan.     Rural Guarantee USDA Mortgage...


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