technology: Realtor Tech Tip: How to Build a Free Website with - 03/03/14 11:15 PM
Realtors In the Information Age
In this digital age, it seems like everyone turns to the internet for information. It’s no surprise that many even use the internet when looking to buy a home. Virtual house hunting is convenient and a time saver for the busy house hunter. The internet provides endless opportunities Realtors can capitalize on while keeping up with the ever evolving real estate business. One great tool that can help Realtors expand their business is

What is and How Can It Help My Real Estate Business? is a free blogging website that … (2 comments)

technology: Tech Tip: Benefits of Digital Business Cards for Realtors - 02/11/14 04:06 AM
Digital Business Cards for Realtors Everything around us is going digital, even our business cards! Realtors and other business professionals now have a way to share their business card virtually with anyone, anywhere. Imagine not having to worry when you run out of business cards or forgotten them at the office. Here is modern way to keep your business cards up to date and always accessible.
This week's video tip explains the details it provides and how to get started. is a valuable tool that’s quick and easy to maintain. I recently set mine up and it took … (3 comments)

technology: How Do #Hashtags Improve Your Marketing Efforts? - 01/28/14 04:40 AM
#Hashtags- What are Hashtags and How Do They Improve Your Marketing? Hashtags can be seen everywhere! They are found in all forms of social media and are starting to even creep their way into our society’s colloquial forms of communication. Hastags are one of the necessary keys to driving traffic to your social media and blogging sites.

What are Hashtags? A hashtag is a keyword or phrase following the “#” number sign. For example: Sean’s #tech tips offer great #realestate #marketing. Hashtags are used on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tout, etc. Pictures and posts are organized through … (1 comments)

technology: Tech Tip: Improve Your Website Ranking With Keywords: Part III - 12/17/13 02:50 AM
Once you have chosen your keyword, make you’re your website is “keyword dense”. Keyword density is determined by how many times a keyword is used compared to the total number of words on a webpage. It is a critical factor for the Google algorithm’s ranking system. This number is usually represented as a percentage and there is a target range to stay within.

How much keyword density is good? You might think that the more you use a keyword, the higher you are likely to rank.  But before you create whole pages of repeated keywords, you should know that … (0 comments)

Sean Stephens, USDA Loan Pro (Metroplex Mortgage Services)

Sean Stephens

USDA Loan Pro

Tampa, FL

More about me…

Metroplex Mortgage Services

Address: 8622 N Himes Avenue, Tampa, FL, 33614

Office: (800) 806-9836

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Sean Stephens has an expertise in mortgage lending with experience since 1998. With his extensive loan knowledge, Sean has dedicated himself to become the “USDA Loan Pro” and help people discover the many benefits of the USDA Rural Home Loan Program along with how it can empower them to homeownership. In 2001 he founded Metroplex Mortgage Services, Inc. in Tampa and since then has built a team laser focused on helping homebuyers navigate the financing maze of VA, FHA, Conventional, and of course the USDA program. Sean currently holds his mortgage license in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. And best of all, he loves what he does!



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