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Are you smiling??? It's a simple question maybe a much more difficult answer. Are you smiling? Who cares right? Does it matter? problems are circling around you like sharks for the kill, life is tough and your kids are driving you crazy with issues drama, your boss could be the dumbest person on ...
mortgage rates... oof taking a hit today?? well lets get this thing started, today has brought on a whopping -53bps to the bond market and the 10Y treasury yield is almost to 3.20% (it was 2.90 a few days ago). This is being fueled by a ridiculous Chicago PMI number??? Maybe they missed the other...
Don't bet against the house. Funny saying, we all have heard it yet many of us are doing that exact thing right now and betting against the house? First off there is no doubt the lack of underwriting standards, control, due diligence and greed played a pivotal role in the housing bubble (creation...
US Mortgage Rates tied to Greece??? As odd as that sounds it is exactly whats been the MAJOR player, concern, in the market for the last several days. All eyes have been focused on Greece. Will they pass the austerity vote will they default on their debt what is going to happen to the country and...
Mortgage rates unsure what to do (as is the rest of the market) Good morning AR members and readers, today I am going to go into a small explanation of why the market is behaving this way (backwards). First let me start of with the data so you can follow a little better. Here is the news that is ...
Mortgage rates settling in for now. Well now is a long time, especially in the world of interest rates, lol. The markets dont have much news release for today, the little is listed below, so today's picture should be overall quiet with a typical tendency towards caution (very slight deterioration...
Subprime... the good, bad and the ugly?? I have to say this post is truly written as a direct result from my reading a post titled "Subprime Mortgages are Back". I read it, agreed with most of it but the comments are what juiced me to write this. (and as a disclaimer: I am not aware of any Subpri...
Active Rain... go figure, actually liking being stuck in the rain everyday, huh. As I write this I reflect on my time I lived in the Midwest (sorry to all AR members and readers who live there) and couldn't take/stand the weather. ALWAYS raining, always overcast, humid and overall NO FUN. I saw t...
Mortgage Rates were expected to see another strong rally to lower but after better than expected Durable Orders numbers and slightly better than estimate GDP bonds likely to be stuck close to current levels today. Good morning AR members and readers. Here are the actual results of those two items...
Are you in a groove...         ... or in a rut? Simple question, right? Maybe not. So many times we have heard or said the phrase "cant see the forest for the trees" (or any similar style metaphor). The big question is we know the terminology and we use it to help others but what about when we ne...

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