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Fed Chairman Bernanke states the obvious, nice! Excerpts from Chairman Bernanke: "Failing to raise the debt ceiling in a timely way would be self-defeating if the objective is to chart a course toward a better fiscal situation for our nation." "History makes clear that failure to put our fiscal h...
Mortgage Rates react opposite to news 6/14/11 Wow, is about all I can say. We see the following reports released and get the exact opposite from the results? Here is what I mean. Today's driving data release were the Retail Sales (which was down) Producer Price index (PPI) (which was down) and Bu...
OK I don't know what your take or position was on this but I was calling for this to never even implement about 2 months ago. When all the naysayers gave me push back, I was happy to see this hit the wire late on Friday, so I figured I'd share it and toot my horn on the 60 day previous call. I kn...
Good morning AR members and readers This week is PACKED with market driving news releases and should prove to be significant in making a larger move than typical, in both good or bad direction, depending on the data. The releases for this week are as follows... CPI Retail sales PPI Business Inven...
Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, Shouldn't this data scream for attention? How does a government loan program outperform conventional prime mortgages, even when it offers no-down payment loans to 90% of its borrowers? First, it only goes to veterans and the men and women of the U.S. armed forces. Sec...
Who's Who... do you remember this company? We may have seen this years ago. A company whose sole purpose was to get new businesses to pay them a flat fee to publish their name in a book, never read, and to send them an "official" looking document stating... xxx (your name or business) is a who's ...
Good morning AR members and readers... This week appears to have shaped up, especially last couple days, to be the storm, before the calm, before the storm. We have had some serious movement, over the last 2 days, on very weak driving data (that's the storm round I). An overheated equities market...
Today has been a big series of overreactions to basically non market driving news. The huge hits the bonds have taken today are from trade balance, seriously? While I am happy to see the trade balance improving slightly there is no way enough improvement nor in this single factor alone to warrant...
Good afternoon AR readers and members.Had an incredibly busy day today, so sorry for the very late market report. As you may or may not be aware both of todays driving market movers 10Y auction and the Fed Beige Book report were released and those number helped draw money back into the security o...
Mortgage Market Report *Update* 6/7/11As promised, here is the update on the driving factors in today's news... Today brought about the expected results (which lately should have, and what, happened don't always line up) from both the fed 3yr treasury auction as well as the overall picture of the...

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