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Rent vs Buy why now is among the best time to make the jump to home ownership. Lets face it we see all the media hype, the deals that the market is crashing and you can buy a house today for a song... weeeellll, not so much. Sure there are incredible deals and when you combine that with the 50-60...
Do you control your thoughts or do they control you? Have you ever stopped to assess a situation and wonder... "why am I doing this" or "what am I doing here"? Its this, and many similar thoughts, that made me think all the great writers, all the great inspirational posts mean NOTHING, yep absolu...
Broncos Rally in final minutes to Win at Miami in OT! Wow what a finish. If that isn't a resounding reason to LOVE Tebow, what is? Tebow is a WINNER. He is also a class act and a great role model for kids. I often say you only are guaranteed to lose if you quit and if you are standing or there is...
Big Banks Advice Costing Homeowners their Credit AND their Homes! and all without penalty!? Seriously! How can this happen and they do it with NO repercussion! Barney Frank, Chris Dodd (if you can read this, you can take action, as that seems to be your play for the last 4 years, or do they pay y...
Mortgage Market 10/20/11 - Similar to the Big Bang... that didn't happen! OK so why the title you ask... why not its relevant factual and another example of how our beloved media constantly gets people all worked up in a frenzy over something that doesn't happen??? So here was the "HYPE" for the ...
Mortgage Daily for 10/19/11 Today is bringing in a mixed bag of news, building starts are up... good but CPI numbers are flat which means another month showing NO growth... bad. FYI between you and me no growth is actually a loss as the population does not stop, so we are actually going backwards...
Mortgage Market Update week of 10/17 - 10/21/11 Well we have a lot to talk about, especially since I am a day late. Sorry I have just been so busy at work even taking this time out is a strain but as all things I will work later to make up for my afternoon time in the rain. OK Equities YEAH!!! Wa...
Justice, Tolerance or Professionalism... which do you choose? While the one constant in life is change, we have to be prepared to deal with unforeseeable circumstances often. From the lender, to the buyer, to the other agent, to the client, to the inspector etc. There are so many parties involved...
Mortgage Market 10/13/11 Well after a heated and furious sell off the bonds look to be retracing some of the previous losses. Today brought us a positive open for the first time in over a week. The 10Y is currently +6/32 and its yields have dropped from 2.22% down to 2.18% where it currently sits...
King Me! Remember checkers as a kid? Getting to your opponents side of the board was like a winning lottery ticket (back then it was, not so much now lol). You got a checker twice as tall, showing off to your opponent you can go in any direction! Fear and panic set in for your opponent and what h...

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