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Did someone sneeze? I figured that or something close must have happened as that seems to be the logic used these days in driving the equities and bond markets. Some can mention something, keep in mind NOTHING actually changed or occurred, and we see insane run ups or sell offs? Is all common sen...
Mortgage Guide 11/23/11 Today has a lot of news that really all points to the same thing we have seen and felt over the last couple years. Not a whole lot of great news, small pockets of decent info and others not so good. Being the fact that markets are closed tomorrow in honor of Thanksgiving I...
Mortgage week of 11/14 - 11/18/11 wrap up. Well its Friday (YEA!!) A much needed weekend awaits and for rate markets one that will likely bring us nothing today. Bonds peeled back yesterdays gains to be sitting where they opened yesterday. Currently the FNMA 3.5 coupon is trading at 101.688 and t...
Broncos 17 Jets 13 Another Tebow Miracle Finish!!! Well if you missed tonight's Thursday Night NFL Game you missed another incredible and improbable Tebow and Bronco's comeback Miracle!! For all intent and purpose Tebow is a Rookie this season as his playing time was so limited last year but he s...
Are your clients prepared for the Holidays? No one wants to hear bad news and I think being proactive is the best way to keep this to a minimum. No matter who good you are, how great your support team is and how much control you have, remember, YOU don't control it all! With a fast approaching en...
Would you loan you money? When getting ready to apply for the loan that will help you become a homeowner or reduce the bills for your current home remember you must continue to pay your bills on time! Not only now, or just before you apply, but you should be doing all you can in the past too. Rem...
Help for Struggling Homeowners In a joint effort the Special Inspector General for TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has shut down over 85 scam Internet sites and web banners and in conjunction with Google banned 500 accounts from their Internet search engine!!! BRAVO! Since one of the first p...
Mortgage Rates 11/16/11 Good morning AR and devoted readers (it was when I started this but got extremely busy and just got time to finish it now) of this most stimulating information. Today should be another non eventful day but HOLD on there is REAL news breaking that truly might make a differe...
Superhero? I don't think so... we just keep our word. There is nothing better than a happy customer, right? Well, while I USED to believe that, I have run into a string of clients recently, that were not happy they were ecstatic! After being told by our competitors that numbers could not work the...
Mortgage Rate Direction Week of 11/14 - 11/18/11 Lots of news hitting this week PPI, CPI, Retail Sales, Housing Starts, Manufacturing, Business Inventories etc. Combine all that with Huge EU concerns and the changing of the guard and what do you get? How about a market that is totally and underst...

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