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Welcome back NBA... just in time for Christmas. I admit the presents are opened, the smiles are wide, the crew is all enjoying their gifts now, the driveway has been shoveled for the last time to have it perfectly cleared (from Thursdays 1ft+ snowstorm), and sitting down to watch the NBA opening ...
Reason for the Season. Of course you cant turn around the last month without knowing how close Christmas and New Years is. The retailers trying to entice you into spending your money with them, the Christmas themes and messages at church, the charities and help organizations that truly give of th...
Mortgage Market Commentary week of 12/19 - 12/23/11 Well as the week closes in on Christmas and vacations abound, I see tomorrows data as only a slight risk of much movement for the remainder of this week, as it is already being priced in. Pricing is at solid levels and,although down a touch from...
Sad day in Denver but I still admit I believe that the Broncos will continue their winning ways and move into the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. The 4th quarter miracles were only hindered by the constant penalty's on key 3rd down plays and the broncos D leaving the 5-10yd middle of the ...
Well the 2nd quarter proved to be another of the same the Broncos have seen this year. Squandering a 16 - 7 lead to now being down 16 - 27. 3 fumbles (totaling 13 pts given to the Patriots) and only 7 offensive plays for the entire quarter! Really? As bad as the broncos seem to play in the 2nd qu...
Well in an odd turn of events the Broncos are making strong plays on offense without waiting until 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. At the start of the 2nd quarter broncos are in the lead over the Patriot's 16 - 9. Tebow had the first score by breaking a full tackle and then weaving his way fr...
Start Strong... Finish Stronger! What is the difference in a Champion, Superstar or solid Role Model (person of great character/reputation)? Its not how you start in a trade or transaction or even in a partnership, business or personal, its how you finish that counts. Many times we meet someone w...
OK Realtors you really want to get that listing some attention? Maybe something the potential buyer will never forget? this post by Greg Nino is one I absolutely LOVE! I love the out of the box thinking and know for a fact these types of things really do work. Top of mind and the non normalcy wil...
Mortgage Market Update Week of 12/12 - 12/16/11 This morning opens up with the long bonds gaining back some lost ground. The over zealousness of the EU "changing of the guard" and discussion for its "plan of attack" to resolve its debt have now subsided and the cold hard fact of REALITY (yes fool...
Divine Intervention What is it? Is it real? Is it just talk? Why is it mentioned when impossible things happen? Do people really believe or is it just convenient to say? If you are a fan of the Broncos or NFL you cannot overlook the fact that the Broncos have gone from 1-4 and a washed out season...

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