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Time to take that Leap... renters! So you are sitting around, talking about it with friends, family and co-workers. is this the "right" time to get into the housing market? is this the "right" time to stop renting? I guess the other question could also be asked... is this the "right" time to stop...
Steak and Shake hmmmm its pretty good but worth an hour wait? So on attempt #4 to get a taste of an old favorite that is now open here in Denver, Steak and Shake, I happen to be running an errand during a snowstorm and was so close I figured "no way could there be a line during this" but lo and b...
Are you having your best year since 2006? At the end of 2011 I made a couple predictions and one of which was 2012 will be the best year since 2006. So I have to ask is your 2012 looking to be your best since 2006? If not, then I also have to ask WHY? I had a few AR bloggers hit me up asking if I...
March Madness? Maybe a well known college Basketball Tournament but reality is I think most could do an easy transition to any month we, in the Real Estate Industry, happen to be in at the time... (ex: take current month attach Madness to end and voila you have our industry, lol). With the curren...

EOM or as the acronym goes in our industry End of Month! Looked forward to by most, as it typically signifies many of our incomes finally being realized from all the work we put into the borrower during the preceding portion of the month but at the same time an incredible ball of fire and chaos a...
Smokey the Bear of Firestarter? Which are you? Neither, maybe but in all likelihood you are both. At times you may start fires intentionally or accidentally and other times you may be putting them out. During the course of daily business I think most of us do both. I, personally, enjoy a little s...
The 3 H's or maybe I just made that up. It seems these days that there are those who really extend an effort to help others. Then there are those who care enough about their reputation and word that a handshake is all you need to know the deal is solid and complete. Then there are others who shou...
If you happen to be visiting or fortunate enough to live in beautiful Highlands Ranch CO one of the Sunday deals to be found is located in nearby Lone Tree at the 12 plex movie theaters. Sundays only you can actually see a movie without breaking the bank. $5 admission and that includes all shows ...
Take a hike. Why not, it gets you out of the house, gives you some excersize (which is a good thing for many of us) and lets you appreciate the beauty and sights and sounds of the great outdoors. So on this note that is exactly what we are going to do. Sure there is still a decent amount of snow ...
Sunday, ahhhh you gotta love it. AR ahhh  you are really aggravating the hell out of me! For the 2nd time in 2 days I write a post do all the necessary steps to get it ready for posting and then when its all finished I hit post and... POOF its GONE!!! Seriously is anyone else having this issue or...

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