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Syracuse nips Wisconsin in a nail biters 64-63 as the Badgers had the ball with 15 seconds to go trailing by 1 and couldnt get off a decent shot? I dont understand the lack of focus when everything was on the line but the bottom line is when they needed to step up they didnt and basically handed ...
March Madness GO BUCKS!!! Just wanted to give out a big shout out of Congrats to The Ohio State University "Buckeyes" for their victory tonight over Cincinnati Bearcats. Ohio State won the fourth round (sweet sixteen bracket) taking them to their East Brackets Championship game in the Elite 8. Th...
Where are the mortgage rates headed? Well it goes without saying the last couple weeks have been volatile. The FNMA bonds that help set the price and rates for mortgages have seen their levels drop from near 103.500 to 101.600. So what does this mean you might be asking? Simple the bonds reflect ...
If you are looking to move for work or just feel like a fresh start may do you and or your family good here is a recent list of the top 10 cities to live in for your overall well being. I am happy and proud to see at least one of the great cities listed be from our beautiful state of Colorado but...
OK so Manning Bowl, Manning Gate or whatever they are calling it is now over. yes my loved Denver Broncos became the "lucky" recipient of Pro bowler and star QB Peyton manning. On one hand I am happy for Denver as I do believe he will help propel us back to a Super Bowl Championship. I am also sa...
What you are willing to settle for is what your REAL goals are... I am a pretty good judge of character. I am also a pretty good judge of the real goals and real drive inside of someone, as I listen then watch. When I hear one thing and see another its a pretty easy call. Many times I read the, r...
After reading several post and knowing some people are really gaining a significant amount of business here on AR, its nice to see that I finally closed a loan for a borrower who actually credited reading my blog on AR as one of the biggest factors of why they chose us! You gotta love the power o...
I LOVE being Wrong... on rare occasion OK markets are about as easy to predict right now as which star you are looking at in the sky (not the obvious ones like North, Orion Belt, Big Dipper etc) the masses of dots are ... which ones? Exactly! Market OVER-reacted to decent data but NOTHING that wo...
Mortgage rates ARE going to continue to rise, at least for the short term. Today's news is good for the economy and bad for those looking to take advantage of historically low rates. With better than even expected number in it appears the days of 3.75% 30yr fixed rates may be gone for good or at ...
Low Rates, ACT fast or could be POOF they are gone! I get the fact everyone is under the impression that low rates are probably here to stay, or at least for the next couple years seems to be the consensus. I think the lackadaisical approach to this caught a lot of people sleep walking and the la...

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