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The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are sheer beauty and majesty. From the dramatic scenery to the incredible wildlife to all the activities the great outdoors here allows us to enjoy, makes Colorado one of my favorite states as well as gives me pride to say "I am from Colorado" when we are out trave...
Truth in advertising... LOL I couldn't help but snap this pic when getting a day of down time. The funniest part of this, you have to trust me on, is the top shelf of plastic bins were all filled with nuts. So I couldn't help but laugh when I read the the disclaimer of the sign saying might conta...
Looks like a "King" will finally get his crown. I know its not over until its over but I hear that familiar females voice a singing as the Miami Heat has a 25 point lead late in the 3rd quarter. After all this time will this Championship finally silence the Lebron Haters? My guess is not likely b...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 6.20.12 Well today brought some expected news and some interesting (initial) results. Due to Greece not pulling out of EU some of the tension, for now, has been averted and due to this Bernanke has extended the feds "Operation Twist" where short term assets are swaped for...
Ready, Set, Go... Well its been a wonderful Sunday and Fathers Day and now I am getting prepared for what is going to be an incredibly busy week. This week is, for all intent and purpose, end of month for refinances. Anyone looking to take advantage of these historic low rates are looking to clos...
2012 US Open In an unbelievable finish what seemingly looked like it was Tigers tournament to lose after Friday turned out to be just that. he lost it and did so equally on both Sat and Sun and turned his -1 lead into a +9 near the end of the Open and a couple birdies brought him back to a +7 fin...
What a view... So looking out our office windows I noticed, for the 100th time, what an incredible view we have and simply could not resist taking a picture of it. You know sometimes when you see something incredible everyday its starts to lose its luster. Well let me tell you the majestic Rocky ...
A Happy Fathers Day Poem and shout out to all us dads. Those who hang out in the rain and those who dont. To those who work so hard and tirelessly to provide for their families and for those who wish they could and get back to work to help make them feel like the champion they still are and will ...
Qualified for the new FHA Special but cant close? Don't feel like your lender left you holding the bag its not exactly their fault. After Wells Fargo decided to announce it will NOT participate in the funding or servicing of these loan unless you are a current Wells Fargo customer and your loan m...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 6.14.12 I am sorry for the long delay in last post on rate markets and potential direction I see. Totally exhausted from immense volumes of loan applications are part of the reason. Yes I not only know markets and how to predict them but I also do still originate loans so...

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