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Simply a beautiful picture... There are those times when you just happen to be in the right place at the right time and this shot was one of those. Crystal clear blue sky rolling field and a picture perfect shot of the full moon just beyond the windmill. Ahhh yeah, thats one of those moments you ...
its not always as it first appears. The other day I was out with my family for a dinner and what seemed to be a bird flew by my sons head. It looked like it ran into the wall then turned around and flew back and as I looked closer at it I realized its flight pattern didnt match a birds. Looking a...
Its Golden... No not a retriever, not a rock, not even a tooth how about an EAGLE! During a recent trip to Vail CO we happened to run into a raptor seminar trying to gain awareness for these amazing creatures. This particular Golden Eagle was a rescue bird from early on in its life. After hearing...
Remove the tarp from TARP! After TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program's) inception in 2009 an interesting report was released earlier from the auditor... Distressed homeowners have received only 10 percent of nearly $46 billion in federal aid since the money was allocated in 2009 under the Trouble...
Level Playing Field? hmmm, its hard to think of a level playing field in any industry and truth be told it almost never occurs. Regardless of that however the CFPB is taking steps to make loan originators, regardless of the entity they work under, now all comply to the same standards! What does t...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 7.17.12 Well I want to first start off with a, WOW! The FNMA 3.5 coupon broke through the 106 barrier for a brief time last week and has held strong between 105.5 - 105.9 range since. The serious EU issues along with less than hoped for unemployment numbers have helped fu...
A very rare occurance a true RED sun! I am not exactly sure what atmospheric events had to take place and all line up for this to happen but in a very unusual and honestly eery seen while out on a walk we noticed the sun was actually glowing RED!?!?! It looked like a giant fire ball and luckily I...

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