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Denver Colorado (Southglen) Sidewalk Art. Here are another series of pictures I took that I thought were pretty impressive. Sure some may seem basic but when you realize they cam from kids under 10yrs old it gives a whole new perspective!   I hope you enjoy the rest of these photos of Southglen C...
Chalk Art of just plain Art? During a recent evening out to a local outdoor mall, marketplace and or grouping of restaurants (yeah if you didn't realize I am at a loss right now what you call that lol) its not an outdoor mall but rather a small feeling local area where independently owned retail ...
I caught this from subscribing to Larrys blog. I am SO glad I took the time to watch it and encourage ALL others to do the same. Right or Left does not matter but facts and truth do!  With the election coming, forget your political party.  Do you know the history of our country.  Most people only...
iHeart Music Festival - Green Day!! Green day had the crowd all standing and cheering as they put out their action packed and energetic set list Friday night. In an unusual moment Billy Jo Armstrong (guitarist and lead singer) had an explicit rant as he was so upset about having such a short amou...
iHeart Music Festival Bon Jovi. Well a little last minute changes made Bon Jovi go from headliner for Saturday to the middle of the pack on Friday nights event. In my humble opinion probably the best performance of both nights. It is a tough call as so many acts simply brought their A game but Bo...
The opening act for Fridays line up was No Doubt. Lead Singer Gwen Stefani sounded perfect as they got the action started and the crowd went wild. The guitar player came down the isle right next to us and the fan interractions many of the performers did were a real treat. Anyway here is Gwen Stef...
iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas NV 09/21 & 09/22 WOW that is about all I can say. What a weekend and what an incredible show that was put on in Vegas. For all who were not able to be there I will post some of the pictures I got of this event. Here is the one from start of day 1...
Buffalo Bicycle Classic Boulder Colorado's self named century event (100 miles to the lay person) has something for everyone. If you are not seasoned and in shape enough for a century they also have a 70 mile course and a 35 mile course. Still too much or want something for the whole family? They...
Rocky Mountain High At the elevation of over 14,000 ft above sea level this is one mighty high structure. I am not positive if this is what gave John Denver his inspiration to write that famous song but the view from up here is nothing short of amazing! When you make this journey on the highest p...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 09.07.12 Today has been something of a wild ride from bonds already and its only 8a (MST) From the long bonds initial drop (loss) of almost a point to a complete 180 turn around and now sitting at almost a 1 point gain in just a matter of hours!?!?! What drives this? Pret...

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