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And after an entire day on the road its nice to make it safely to your destination! Nothing says ahhhh like warm weather, sunshine, a pool and some great food and place to stay... While I do like to fly an occasional road trip is also nice and there was so much beauty missed in the posts of I-V i...
So the reds missing from previous post show up in full color here. As you can guess my wife was pissed about me paying attention to the road but I must have taken a solid 50+ pics while making this trip. (yes I focused on the road, held the camera and pushed the button only) so you are only seein...
So as the drive furthers into Utah the scenery continues to keep getting better! Amazing rock formations and layers of color fill the views of the mountains. Whites, creams, reds and blacks (reds are missing from this pic but will be very visable in next) now make up these mountains and the road ...
And as we left Colorful Colorado and entered into Utah some of the amazing color and beauty only found in the west started to appear all along the road. I will post a few other pics from this recent road trip so all who arent fortunate enough to live out here can see some of the amazing beauty of...
So yes I am behind a little in AR. I admittedly have not been as near as "active" as most of my time here in the rain but I have to admit the lowest interest rates in history have a little to do with that. (lol) Trying to get myself back in the "rain groove" and remember to log in, comment and po...
Colorful Colorado. Yes my home state is absolutely beautiful but you don't have to take my word on it you can see the road sign for yourself. Between the numerous 14,000 ft peaks, rock formations, canyons endless groves of aspen and pine trees, rivers and streams, blue skies and animal wildlife t...
Sunday Sunrise at Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison Colorado! During a quick trip to Red Rocks I got the pleasure of catching the sunrise just over top of one of the rock outcroppings. To me this made for a very cool shot. Hope you enjoy it and enjoy your day as well... Peace  
Worlds Cutest Dog? (lol) Well lets face it we all, (like our own kids) think our are the best, smartest cutest etc but while this dog is NOT mine I admit I find it one of the cutest dogs I have seen in a mighty long time. One of the support staff in our office just bought this English Bulldog and...
Wild Ride... When I was out in Vegas for the iHeart Radio Festival last month I noticed this wild looking car and just had to take a picture as I had no idea what it was. Anyway after a little research found it is a hybrid plug in car! If this is the direction of electric/hybrid vehicles I am ALL...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 10.11.12 Well its been a long time coming and after another 14hr day felt I just couldn't put this off any longer. So with that said here is the update on mortgage rates and potential direction/trends for the month of October. 1 - Its an election year so don't panic if ra...

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