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In a rare non bracket bust for the West region this year the #2 Ohio State Buckeyes win their second in a row as another last second 3 pt shot to move into the West Region Finals for a chance to the Final Four.  While Arizona gave the Buckeyes all they could handle Ohio State tied up the game nea...
A Real Estate Market shift, so what's around the corner... I have been dealing with economics, bonds, markets rates and a plethora of regulations most of my life. Being able to have vision and see what is coming is key to any successful person in life or business. SO why this post? Simple its an ...
In a game with numerous questionable calls, most going against OSU, you have to give credit to The team from Iowa State. Being down by 12 pts with less than 5 minutes to go they didn't give up or give in but pressed on even harder. A few bad calls and few three point shots and some critical misse...
The questionable #1 seeded Gonzaga Bulldogs is the first of the #1's to get upset in the 2013 NCAA Mens Basketball tournament. While they had a great record the fact is who did they play comes squarely into the picture today. #9 Seed Wichita State came to play and gave it to the Bulldogs on both ...
I am a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes and hearing a lot of press and "experts" that all but handed the West region to the University of New Mexico I was looking forward to the sweet 16 match up and watching my beloved Buckeyes get a victory over The Lobos. Well as many of the NCAA tournament favo...
Wow, I will admittedly say I have not seen the rams play this year. Really busy this year along with being a victim of watching D1 ball almost exclusively I was pretty shocked to see not only how good this team is but to hear the fact that its the first time in almost 2.5 decades of getting to th...
March Madness and I am not talking basketball! Sure the famed tourney has started and 64 (oops nowadays 68) teams compete for the prize of a national championship. All with dreams and a chance, yep no matter the seed if your in you have a chance, and several weekends of craziness in college baske...
One thing that's a little different today in Real Estate is its 100% factual. In almost all markets today prices are rising, inventory (quality anyway) is getting tougher and tougher to find and with rates still at historic low levels affordability is high. A buyers market has changed and is turn...
With a market that is rapidly heating up are you getting your share of payback for the last 4-5yrs spent working twice as hard in this industry for less income? Buyers are flocking to well priced and nice homes. Multiple offers and fast sales are just some of the benefits adding up to a strong 20...
WOW - this is a MUST READ. Please do yourselves and friends and family a favor and READ THIS and pass it on to others. This scam has some serious potential damage attached to it and needs to have the word spread to everyone!!! Destitute will be the end result if you follow the instructions to the...

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