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After a long and hot summer and a lot of anticipation the College football season is finally here with today being the first week for most schools across the country. My favorite Ohio State Buckeyes with 2nd yr Coach Urban Meyer (recently departing from Florida Gators) has high hopes as their 12-...
Many people,even those in the industry, are under the premise, false belief, that the current market and lending guidelines are a "set in stone" fixture. That perception could not be more incorrect. These elevated loan limits that many have benefited from and many others could benefit from, are s...
In the wonderful world of mortgage lending these days we hear lots of stories. Some funny, some bad, some gut wrenching and some just plain foolhardy. With that said this story is gut wrenching. I have a borrower I really like, nice, funny, ask for an item sand it comes over right away and has a ...
In a NON surprising turn of events, the Mortgage Bonds have begun to rebound some from their previous lows earlier this month. After a very rough run in the middle of August 2013, where bonds took losses, one run of losses for 7 straight days, the market driving industry news of major items (a sn...
Get out Alive the NBC show starring survival expert and star of Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls had its season finally tonight.   I admit I watched solely because I like Bear and he was the star of the show. I didnt get to see all the shows but did watch at least 5-6 of them and from the epsiodes viewed...
Again while not earth shattering these excerpts to point a direct angle of UPWARDS for the indication of where long term rates are heading. No they may not be making that quantum leap today or tomorrow but since the release of these notes the long bond has already lost 44bps (meaning its likely t...
Well in a not surprising fashion 1/2 of yesterdays 50bps gains were already lost in todays "posturing" as investors are waiting for the release of the Fed minutes to determine if the feds are going to announce or even hint that they may be pulling out of or even tapering their positions in the MB...
We have minimal economic data to come out this week and if the last 7 days are any indicator of what the "market" is expecting its likely not going to bode well for rates. Mortgage Rates have had a steady and non stop decline for the last 7 straight days, which is very unusual. Hopes against the ...
Why is my Interest Rate higher? Yes this is a very valid question when a borrower is shopping for a mortgage and there is a gap in time between initial good faith disclosure and the actual complete disclosure package. As many know, rates move. They are controlled by markets, data, sometimes manip...
Your income is not the problem its your spending. Do you ever want to reach across the table and let your buyer know that with 8,000, 10,000, 15,000/mo income the buyers don't need to figure out how to earn more, what they need is some financial lessons to teach them how to buy/spend better/less!...

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