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Cant We All Just Get Along... Those infamous words spoken by Rodney King sitting in the hospital, after the outrageous acts were performed by the few men from the LA Police Dept. It raises the question of truly "can we all get along"? You see its easy to get along with... people you do business w...
In a follow up to my post on this about a week ago, here we now find ourselves the day before a potential shut down and where are we now? Honestly, no different than last week. To summize this, I want to break this down to micro economic levels to put this into persepctive... We are talking about...
  If the above photo is not enough to get you to relax and put you in a peaceful frame of mind, then I will post more. In Colorado we enjoy some of thost sunny days every year in the entire country. Fantastic winter sports and summer too. The average person here is healthier than most of America ...
In a world where OVER regulation and the "image" that the feds are doing all they can to ensure fairness and equality for consumers getting a good deal abounds, it amazes me that a builder can offer 5,000, 10,000, even 20,000+ in "incentives" to use, steer a client to, a certain mortgage company ...
As some of us realize but I fear many forgot (since the 95% of media is purposefully NOT talking about it) one of the next  biggest factors we have to add into the equation of "what direction is our country really headed" is coming fast. In the ongoing saga of proverbial positioning between Democ...
Oh Yeah, while I was not expecting the Broncos to, NOT show up, I also figured a win was pretty much imminent. I do have to give some big props to my boy Terrell Pryor from my Fav, THE Ohio State University ,who know looks to have complete control of the Oakland Raiders. While still having much t...
The band named FUN opened Fri eve to kick off the modern age Woodstock as 30 bands performed over a 2 night and 1 day event in Las Vegas. The format is interesting as there is music for everyone. From Classics like Elton John, Paul McCartney & Queen to Modern bands Like FUN, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars ...
What were you thinking? I will say one thing for certain in this crazy world we call 2013 Real Estate Lending and this one ranks right up there. I have some borrowers who make plenty of income and since the loan we are doing for them right now is a refinance they get the benefit if missing 2 paym...
In a massive turn today after the much anticipated Fed meeting the bond market has seen some unprecedented gains. Starting the day the FNMA 3.5% coupon was trading at 99.3 and is currently at 101!! Thats a 170bps gain in less than 2hrs! From weaker than anticipated housing sales, a still aching j...
I ran into an odd situation today... A bank owned REO (one of the ones talked about constantly here in the rain) actually DENIED, not a full price offer, but a 1000 OVER list price offer and there are NO competing bids??? Impossible? Yes I would have thought the same thing but to add insult to in...

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