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World Series Responsible for $8 seats? I like to get creative when it comes to looking at things but when I heard this even I had to double take. What? How is the World Series responsible for $8 tickets? As I looked into this I realized no not even the worst seat in the house could you hope for a...
Ever wonder why some people seem to get the job done, are successful and have the things you aspire or wish for? When I say "things" I am also not specifically talking about "things" time, focus, reputation, character, family are far more important but "things" are the first and easiest thing to ...
You know its a good day when the king of the ocean gives you a Hi 5! lol, I know I couldnt help myself. Not only is this simply an amazing picture but if you look close at the shark it almost appears as he is smiling as he seemingly gives the diver a hi 5 as he/she swims by. Anyway this shot kind...
For some readers this may have little to no effect but for those who were denied access to the benefits from the HARP (home affordable refinance program) due to when FNMA took over servicing of their loan it could make the difference between being eligible now or not! Effective 11/16/13 (when FNM...
The Denver Broncos are appx 1he from kickoff tonight against the Indianapolis Colts. If it were just that it would still be a big game as Denver tries to remain unbeaten against a very good Indianapolis team. Considering the fact that Indianapolis's franchise quarterback and Super Bowl winning Pe...
A twist of one of my favorite movie lines in Young Frankenstein where Gene Wilder was stuck in the wall of the revolving fireplace and said "put the candle back" to move the fireplace and remove himself from being pinned lol. Anyway the purpose of this is not to reference a movie but to address a...
Wolfe Creek Ski Resort - officially opened for the 2013 - 14 Ski Season today and was just beaten by Loveland Ski Resort which opened for the season yesterday. So while it may still be a bit early for many of us to think of skiing or boarding, here in Colorado we have 3 resorts open for this very...
Let me get this straight... You put your kids on title? Before anyone jumps to retort how wise that may be and tax or death benefits to say...  "whats wrong with having kids, especially your own, on title"? Let me get to the facts of this TRAIN WRECK that I had to be the bearer of bad news to our...
I have written several posts (many actually) about my great home state of Colorado. With our capital, Denver, that always ranks in the top 3-5 cities for most days of sunshine its hard to have a bad attitude here. Add to that the backdrop to our west of the Rocky Mountains and the drawing card ju...
Every year there is a mad dash here in Colorado to be the first resort to open for the ski season. Living in Colorado we get the benefit of being able to go up most anytime the powder is good or the kids get time out from school but you still have to get a smile on your face when this happens as ...

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