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I am not a big fan of repeating news but this is so crazy and wanting to make sure as many catch it as possible I couldnt resist. Southern University beat (up) on Champion Baptist by a mere 104 points! (not a typo 104 points) Southern set many records like most rebounds 72, most consecutive point...
When I made a prediction of the possibility the San Diego Chargers had a valid shot of being the final wild card team in this years playoff picture I know more than one person laughed at me. Today I watch as Miami lost and Baltimore lost and if San Diego wins they are in???? When I made this call...
And the winner for this years Christmas was... ALL of us! "hopefully anyway". What a great season for so many of us to reflect, unwind, enjoy family and friends and the spirit of the season, aside frm just madness and gifts and running around. While I say this I do know its also a tough time for ...
After another strong year I like to take some time to reflect on results and also look for ways to improve for next year. At US Mortgages we are constantly striving to balance volume with excellent customer service and a wide variety of diverse product mix to ensure opportunity to all. For 2014 w...
Today I expect rates to be p[retty much similar in pattern to earlier in the month. While rates did rebound some from last weeks previous, and irrational, sell off on Friday they still seem to be in a pretty narrow trading range fluctuating in between 99-100 on the FNMA 3.5 coupon. The start of t...
I could help myself as after reading an article my dad forwarded me, I couldnt help but laugh. Not at the actual incident or the fact there was true injuries sustained bu the end line of the article took a scenario that mad me angry, due to its nature as well as timing, but ended in an old fashio...
After a recent reduction to current 2013 loan limits for FHA there is now talk about doing the same for conventional loans insured/guaranteed by FNMA & FHLMC (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac). Demarco announced this as an option to reduce the feds stake and interest in nearly all origination's. Here is ...
I LOVE this challenge lol How funny there are so many twists and songs I could have chosen that would have been appropriate but this one, to me, just nails it. Song Title - Dont Say NoArtist - Billy Squier (circa 1981)Theme - (pretty much speaks for itself) DONT SAY NO! For over 2 decades we have...
As a surprise to many HUD released the new loan limits for 2014 and they have been reduced from 2013 limits across the board. For those currently looking and already at the current HUD limit you may want to pay close attention as if you do not go under contract and start the loan process and get ...
Its a sad day to hear yet another story regarding kids and guns and school shootings. I know everyone has their own personal stance on this but to sit back and say nothing would be wrong. Madeline Murray O'Hare started this whole mess with her dislike of prayers by kids in schools. OK thats fair ...

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