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After reading the last 2 days of a post talking about TEAMWORK in the world of Real Estate I now find myself inspired to write one as well while giving credit to the one that inspired me to write this. TEAMWORK - When you break this down there is the obvious TEAM a group of people working for a c...
The FHA Pre-Approval Letter. Yes its a great thing to receive but its not as cut and dry as it may seem. I write this post more specifically in regards to a couple of transactions I have had recently. Unlike a conventional loan an FHA loan has its maximum limit set by the county the property is l...
Well being out of town this weekend I arrive back just in time to catch the closing ceremony going on right now. I love the Olympics and all the greatness it brings out in people. I love the competition and seeing how things continue to progress. This is simply a sad and great time. The show is f...
We received our HUD mortgagee letter today talking about changes getting ready to hit the market. While most in our office at first panicked I assured them these were not restrictive but a benefit to borrowers. You have to truly understand what you are reading in order to have an accurate perspec...
I had a rare thing happen today. I am so busy I dont chase my borrowers. I give them the best deal up front send them a REAL good faith and truth in lending set of figures right out of the gate and let them discuss, shop whatever and figure if they are interested they will call or email. Guess wh...
Regardless of Economic Conditions, Employment numbers, GDP, Empire Manufacturing, Consumer Sentiment, CPI, PPI, Philly Fed etc (and all of those can and do drive markets) there is nothing quite as quick and reactive as Fed Speak! When the mouth of the Fed Chair opens (much like EF Hutton lol) peo...
Today brought us a little boost to the bond markets. A steady dose of less than favorable news has helped keep rates down and pressure on equities markets. The FNMA 4.0 coupon started the day just a little over 104 and ended up just shy of 20bps giving a slight boost to pricing. How long will thi...
While its very tough to write about and select just a few of my favorite customers, as I truly like and have a great relationship with so many, I am going to write about one that is definitely in the top 10 and maybe top 5 for all time favs. This client came to me knowing we can help a wide varie...
Tomorrow, 02/17/14 marks the "official" passing of the torch in the world of late night talk show. After a format was created and made prosperous from Jack Paar's television with humor and talk format ended in 62 with passing the torch to Johnny Carson who raised it to a whole new level. Johnnys ...
I recently had a client who requested figures (a quote) to obtain a new mortgage for their home. Going through the basics I ask about credit and was told, "lets see the figures first and then we can discuss credit". Fair enough I begin all the steps we do to ensure our quotes are accurate for the...

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