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So I am watching this 50 facebooks Do's and Don'ts when posting fb posts and who do I run across as like #8 or 9 in the dont do list??? None other than AR's own Robert Siciliano and someone I subscribe to as his content is rock solid! If you dont subscribe to Roberts blog here is another reason ...
Well the month of march is finally closing as well as Q1 for 2014! Where does the time go??? Anyway today brought us another expected mixed bag of news with Some reports showing nominal growth while other indicators showed signs of weakness... What does this mean? Simple the same thing it has ove...
With all games I watched (missed the Florida vs Dayton game) today's last of the Elite 8 went down to the wire as well. With the game tied up at 72 Kentucky takes the ball down court and shoots a 3 point shot with 2 seconds to go and makes it to beat Michigan 75-72. Now being an Ohio State fan I...
This weekend is a teaser as far as weather goes for all of us fortunate enough to live in Denver CO. With the change of seasons March and April can tease us with the "taste" of summer but then hit you with a cold dose of reality the following day. Well this weekend is good to all of us with today...
Manual or Automatic? May seem like a simple question but if you ask most lenders (and they answered you honestly) they would tell you Automatic. What does this even mean? What am I talking about? First let me clarify I am NOT talking about transmission options in a car. What I AM talking about is...
I am a numbers guy and see crazy patterns and look at things, especially loans, in a variety of angles that help me make loans that others dont just be seeing it from a variety of perspectives. Well in this case this post is pretty straight forward... I finally hit the 100 followers mark (which m...
Yes we do! As the feds start to pull away and invite all the secondary players back into the market they drove out just 5-7 years ago what are some of the perks coming back to the marketplace are... STATED INCOME LOANS! Yes it is real and YES we have them! Before you pick up your stone to cast at...
Say What? I took an interesting call form a buyers agent (my buyer) earlier today who said... "I am calling to let you know the buyer is backing out of the contract due to the 6% interest rate". The rate and payment are too high for them and even though I know the credit is not that good that rat...
I read a post from a good friend recently that mentioned refinancing is dead and if you aren't doing purchases you aren't doing business??? We are still doing a lot of both! I will agree on some parts that refinancing has slowed down but the truth is we still do a lot of refinancing. There is a l...
As the temps warm up its more important now than ever to be very cautious when going out on ice. I recently read a story where 2 small boys went out and a piece broke off that they were standing on and they luckily got rescued just before they went over a dam!!! Falling through on thin ice is a s...

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