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I think this is a very valid question after Steve Ballmer (former Microsoft CEO) made a bid to buy LA Clippers for 2B! Yes that's a B so it was 2 BILLION dollars! "Experts" have said the valuation should be in the 1.2 - 1.6B range. so what another 400M right? Why is it that all the "experts" have...
What is Social Sharing? Its a web based way to communicate to others for tips and techniques to be more successful. This is why I LOVE AR! They go out of there way to share tips and secrets of others success with us all to better the group and NOT the individual. I have many thing sI can and will...
AM I SO glad this month is now behind us. Between firing one of my processors last month and spending weeks cleaning up that mess as well as a bunch of HIGH maintenance VERY difficult files to resolve I am happy to say EVERY single one of them are now complete and a bunch of new happy homeowners ...
If I could have only predicted Friday for the bond market I would be 6 for 6 but NO had to miss that one lol. Anyway as I called yesterday I felt the bonds were poised for a small rally and felt the 106 was a ceiling to be tested to day and it was! Not only did the FNMA 4.0 coupon test the 106 ba...
Well last week was a perfection in calls all the way to Fri when the market did something UNEXPECTED, it didnt do a sell off before the holiday weekend. While I am happy about that I am also wondering what is to come for this week and beyond. Logic and history tell me the bonds are likely in a po...
I am writing this post for the successful agent contest but truth be told this applies across the board for any business. To me the most critical aspect of business is HOW you conduct it! Do you do what you say? How do you handle adversity? Are you accessible to your clients and employees? What ...
What to do on a Saturday night with pending storms approaching??? For me I am a big fan of UFC and will be watching the UFC 173 MMA fights tonight. ALmost every match tonight is going to be good and that makes for some exciting action, or at least potential exciting action, we shall see how it al...
We are your lender NOT your enemy! As a Lender we see and deal with borrowers and the items we need every single day. While we, or anyone else may tell you "just get us xxx and this will be the last item we need for closing" or something similar giving impression we are about done and your loan i...
Well so far we have seen, as called, market movements in line with what I was seeing and laid out on Monday. The final piece of this should be a sell off in bond prices tomorrow. While I am NOT hoping for being right on this piece, I am fully expecting between 30-50bps of loss in the bond market ...
OK today's market did exactly as I called on Monday and followed up with again yesterday. My advice for loan closing within the next 30 days is to LOCK. I expect pricing to start to take a dive tomorrow and then (depending on if it hits heavy or light tomorrow) some additional Friday before the m...

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