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I am not so sure on this. Yes I got the notices about a "potential" for a big change and volatility but truth be told I dont see much in the marketplace to make me nervous right now. Unemployment is still high, economy is not strong, retail sales is not stellar, PPI and CPI numbers are anemic and...
As we get closer to celebrating the "birthday" of the good ol USA, there are many plans and decisions to be made. Where are you going to watch them? Are you going to any pre fireworks parties/celebrations/events? Are you taking your kids (assuming you have them)? Are your pets going to freak out ...
This weeks mortgage snapshot bring us a mixed bag of news in the marketplace but one that I feel will lead to lower overall rates, albeit very slightly so don't expect rates to drop just the prices to get those rates to go down slightly. The indicators driving this market are... Initial Jobless C...
    During a recent trip to Colorado Springs I took my boy over to Garden of the Gods. Very beautful place to hike and sight see and some amazing rock formations that literally seem to jump out of no where. When going up one of the trails I had to laugh as I snapped the picture and told my boy yo...
When I get calls from people trying to figure out pricing its amazing to me how many are truly the exact opposite of the direction they are going. Even if you don't follow all the indicies I do to predict a direction on rates remember this... Rates and Bonds move in OPPOSITE direction! So if bond...
I wrote a couple of posts yesterday regarding the "Change" that just blindsided us here in AR. My first reaction was flat wrong and was one of negativity and anger. The second one was more level headed and I believe a more balanced point of view. The reality is that LIFE is filled with Change an...
   to a score of We advertise a lot to help out borrowers many of the BIG banks deny so we get asked this question quite often. Typically it goes something like this... "hi I know my credit isn't very good and I am still in a lease for another xx months but I wanted to get started now so by the t...
As I wrote yesterday regarding the summer solstice today is our 2nd day of "summer" and I LOVE IT! Bright sunshine, blue skies and just a touch of wispy clouds. Temp right now just below 80 and I think we are supposed to be mid 80s for the high today. If you like sunshine, outdoor activities, blu...
I have been watching the AR leader board for a while and noticed Patricia Kennedy chewing up ground over Lenn Harley. Well I am not sure when it "officially" happened this week but I just noticed AR got a NEW #1!!! Why don't you go over to Patricia's blog and tell her congratulations. That is a ...
06/21/2014 Today is the "official" start of summer. Funny it gets the wrap for being the shortest season by so many as we stretch winter and spring and fall many times too but for some reason summer gets the nod for "in our minds" being the shortest season. With today being the "Official" start y...

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