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We all have heard "NOTHING in life is easy" or maybe the variation of "who said life is easy", right? Well I think about this and especially in this industry we have our fair share of trials and tribulations. That got me thinking if it were easy would we appreciate it? If it were easy wouldn't ev...
Well like many things you never TRULY know what tomorrow holds but if the past is any indicator (and data, when its accurate, helps too) I see a lot of sideways movement for the near future but noticed the bonds are trending a touch to the positive (meaning an improvement to interest rates or the...
OK here I find myself at day 5 of my attitude of gratitude challenge by Laura Cerrano. At first, as you can likely tell by my opening post, I was light hearted and funny and just a quick random post. As this progressed I found myself truly feeling better. Its funny as I am a positive and thankful...
OK I pale in comparison to our AR friend Roy Kelly but in my first outing taking a cue from his stellar pictures I decided to get my own, up close and perosnal, so you can judge for yourself. Dont judge me against Roy, just tell me a Yeah or Nay that you enjoyed the pic...  
 I had several AR friends reach out to me and ask about the gift baskets I made mention of in a previous post from last month. They have many different options from small to large and everything in between. To me the best part of this gift is the amount of help and benefit it gives to those who t...
I got the opportunity to go to the game yesterday and admit I LOVED what I saw. First the 1st team looked good and as defense gets more used to working together I see it getting nothing but better. For offense (we have Peyton so enough said, right?) HOLD on! Peyton did something I have not seen f...
I get the fact that most people are intelligent. I also get the fact that while they may be well educated and "experts" in their respective field they are NOT in ours and that poses a potential problem. Since the feds took over "nearly"  complete control of the lending world, with respect to mort...
Aside from being blessed to live in such a fantastic part of the country one of the many appeals is the fantastic sunsets we get here. This picture, unfortunately, simply does not do it justice but regardless of the intensity of the colors that are not a vibrant as they were last night here is a ...
Yes a much later post than normal but I just got home a little while ago after getting to see Aerosmith at the Pepsi Center here in Denver CO. It was a good show but I have seen them before so in comparison to other shows this one lacked but for good reason... A few days ago the drummer Joey Kram...
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