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For Ritchie's scratch that itch contest I have to say better late than never. I have had a variety of tag lines used over the years and this is one that I always liked because to me it defines who we are and where are customers rank with us. Simply put US Mortgages does begin with U because witho...
Yes if you caught my post on the giant spider that caught my eye in my garage that was pretty darn nasty looking, here is the other not to commonly found creature (at least in our neck of the woods that is) that I saw the same day??? As a matter of fact I cannot remember the last time I saw one o...
As I was walking out to my car yesterday something caught my eye. yes it was something that must have seemed out of place to me so I stopped and took a look. Then I took a second look and once I realized what it was I had to get right up on it to take a pic. So with Halloween fast approaching loo...
DOMINATE your market... How do you do this? Simple what are you passionate about? What are you strong in? What drives you? What sets you apart from your competition? Why would I choose you over another? Why or how would I know you? These and many others are great questions many may not even know ...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 09.24.14 The FNMA Bond market took a little hit today as the FNMA 3.5 coupon has been hovering near the 102 mark as of late. Today started off with a slight improvement as the bond showed gains of +9 bps and as the day progressed it saw those gains fall off and end the da...
After 5 grueling months I am proud to say USM (our acronym for US Mortgages)... YES there IS an app for that! So what is in a mortgage app? How about COMMUNICATION and CONVENIENCE! So many times we hear issues regarding communication and or the lack thereof, that we decided to do all we could to ...
I am burnt and a little down right now so I am going to keep this short and sweet. When going through HELL go as fast as you can. Then when out take a little time to reflect on what you learned as usually those trying times are what shape the character the most and prepare us for our next wave! b...
Forget the 2-0 record! If the Broncos don't figure out that there is still 30 minutes of football to be played AFTER halftime this is going to be a very long season! Yes we won both games but both games were well in hand and then the Broncos went awol in the 2nd half and the defense couldn't stop...
Time. We all talk about it. Many of us say we dont have enough of it. Some of us cant wait for it. Others run out of it. What is time? (inspired by a post from our LOVED AR member Roger Mucci) What is time? By definition its merely that spot we are in right now! The next second hasn't hit us yet...
Not going to go all bible bashing on ANYONE so please don't bounce off this post until you read it all. I am a believer and it has helped me through many a difficult time as well as make good times better. I think its the core of a being that when in sync with God the creator we truly become whol...

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