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Mortgage Market Snapshot 01.30.14 We are now, one day away from Yellen, the new "chair" for the Fed, and against all statements made recently that should be putting pressure on rates, the rates still see a slight gain? It makes no sense to me but with the feds announcement yesterday regarding in...
Today had a bit of unexpected and interesting news. So much so that the streets reaction to it makes me scratch my head as well. The feds are completely overlooking the fact that more and more people are unemployed and underemployed and now spewing that the market is so healthy they are tapering ...
Today brought us a big bag of nothing lol Actually the market is still trying to digest a definitive direction from the feds on rate and bond purchase position. If the feds come out to recant a previous position of tapering then expect rates to start to go lower. If the feds do nothing I dont see...
OK I am a fan... a HUGE fan for the Denver Broncos but I will say even I am going to have a tough time for an entire week long hype fest of pre game predictions, seal predictions (its a local news thing where a seal selects 2 footballs tossed into its pen to decide the victor) and all the back an...
Each year of the X-Games is capped off with the "main event" if you can make that statement since every event is packed full of excitement and drama, as well as incredible tricks or athleticism but you cant argue that the Mens Superpipe for snowboard has enough draw it consumed the final 2hrs of ...
Congratulations to Stanislas Wawrinka for an almost story book ending to this years first major of 2014. Accomplishing a feat that has not been completed for over 20years Wawrinka beat both the current #2 & reigning Australian Open Champion Novak Djokovic and then the #1 ranked player Raphael Nad...
Only for the youth/young adults these days, as who else would ever volunteer to jump a 400lb snowmobile over 120 feet!?!? Yes, I am glued to the set watching these amazing and extreme athletes do things even 5years ago may have thought to have been impossible. In the opening run of this event the...
One of the locals sayings here is... "if you dont like the weather give it 15 minutes". The truth is the weather here is near perfect most of the time. 300+ days of sunshine per year, the  majestic Rockies as your backdrop, when we do get snow 99% of the time the roads are clear by the very next ...
With all the hype behind this years winter Olympics in Sochie I almost forgot about the annual winter X-Games that takes place on the 2nd to last weekend each January. In an almost predictable and emotional victory the games started off with Colton Moore (brother of Caleb Moore) who died in a hor...
If you listened to me you made money today! While the market showed some volatility I called for holding (if not already locked and trying to close in January) yesterday as I felt data was way undervalued for the weakness still inherent in the marketplace. Well with today's even weaker than antic...

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