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Well the Denver Broncos may not have finished strong but they did start out very strong in the Sunday night football game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos defense looked very strong tonight as well as they held Kansas City to -10 yds for the 1st quarter (yes, thats correct, a loss of 1...
One of the longest standing rivalries in college football is on today. Growing up as a buckeye fan we watched this game every year and most every time the game was played it was a good game, regardless if either team was not doing that well. I think its the rivalry that brings a team that is suf...
I have read numerous posts on Thanksgiving and the fun and family and good times we are all looking forward to sharing but I have yet to see one that talks about those without families, those that are alone and depressed and those that may not even have a home or place to go to, to feel loved an...
I know I am a day early on this but with all that is going on and the appts I have and the craziness at the house tomorrow just wanted to make sure I got a chance to wish Everyone here in the rain a very Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday season as well. Always have the "attitude of gratit...
Well after a quick meeting with everyone on this, I am pleased to announce to a bigger audience that for the fist time in over a decade that FNMA & FHLMC (the quaasi government agencies that handle all conventional loans) have made an increase to the conforming loan limit of 417k! Now before ever...
Mortgage Market Snapshot 11.24.14 While we have a short week we have a lot of data coming out pre holiday to likely cause a change in rate market. I would HIGHLY advise to LOCK today before the panic and hedging takes place prior to the holiday, which is fairly normal. If we have strong set of d...
Well I just realized my loved Ohio State Buckeyes are on and turn on the game to watch them pull a Broncos and play DOWN to the level of their opponent! Instead of being up by 21 they have turned the ball over on drives and plays they should have scored on 3 times in the first half alone!!! I am...
What makes this day even more special than most??? Well its a Friday so it already has a HUGE positive factor for me, being the work week is mostly over and then we add the Colorado sunny blue skies to the mix and that's an extra bonus but for this we also get the fact that this mid month day is...
As I called earlier this week the market is still not poised to "take off" quite yet. Here is the data driving the rebound to the bond market and putting us back at the top of the current trading window... CPI in September rose +0.1% following a -0.2% dip in August, and for October there was no ...
Home for the Holidays. I always liked the sound of that and for those who think another year is going by and they will not be in a home of their own THINK AGAIN!!! While time is fastly running out there is still time for those who want to get into a first home or a new home and still close and m...

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