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I just wanted to take a minute before I have to get ready to go out and celebrate a new year, this one being 2015. out with the old (hell yeah 2014 had some bad times I will be happy to put behind me) and look forward to all 2015 has to bring in. Be safe, be blessed and most of all stay in contr...
Well I know there is not much left for 2014 but we can still do all we possibly can to finish strong. I am very proud of our team and all the effort they poured into this month from start to finish to really end the year strong and help make a lot of buyers dreams come true, as well as many get ...
I know there is something important coming up in a few days... Oh, I remember, its the start of another new year... so dont set yourself up for failure! A time to make all kinds of foolish guarantees and promises you likely wont keep to impress others... dont let that be you. A time to set goals...
So I am bored out of my mind right now as the Denver Raiders game goes into halftime. I decide to jump in the rain for a few and see my tally is 831,832 so I think to myself whats next? Whats next you might ask, what I am talking about? Well look at my score and make your own guess what is next ...
In a game that the Broncos need to win to secure a first round bye for the playoffs Denver is hosting the Oakland Raiders. It a little over 1/2 way through the 2nd quarter right now and Denver is leading 17-7. Of course the New England Patriots lost today, since it meant nothing as they secured t...
OK I know some of the names for these bowl games are absolutely ridiculous (but I get corporate branding) and with that said, the ERA Pinstripe Bowl Was a great game and came down to the wire as Penn State beat Boston College 31-30. Go Big 10 and lets have a bunch more great college bowl games. C...
I am still in a bit of shock from a bowl game I watched earlier this week. It was the Bahamas Popeyes Bowl. Central Michigan versus Western Kentucky and the game was looking like such a blowout, I quit paying attn. When Western Kentucky was up by 28points and dominating I figured another mismatc...
There are so many different points of views on this topic and its definitely not a cookie cutter answer. For each and every buyer, and potential buyer, its truly a matter of timing. Sometimes those ready to buy go out and get a great deal. Other times those great deals seem to slip away and buyer...
On this day we celebrate Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The suffering and pain he endured on our behalf is incomprehensible. How someone could love us so much that the ultimate sacrifice would be given is beyond comprehension. How do we understand this? I think about ...
I just wanted to take a moment on Christmas eve to wish all my friends, followers and peers here in the rain a very Merry Christmas. I pray you all have a blessed holiday season as well as a Happy Healthy New Year! Here is to a fantastic 2015 and wonderful times and memories for the 2014 Christm...

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