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Today brings more confirmation that the economy is still not in full recovery mode as unemployment claims spike up bigger than expected. Some may attribute this to seasonal work from recent holidays and, while that is likely a contributor, the fact is that many companies are able to do more with...
Today has brought on another rally in the bond market. With troubles overseas and an economy still not fully recovered there has been a strong flight to safety. The market may be poised for yet another incredible opportunity on our hands as was the case in 2012. Those who missed the boat have a ...
GO BUCKEYES!!! I am so proud of my Ohio State Buckeyes. They came in as underdogs to  both Alabama and Oregon. Many people, even some friends here int he rain, dissed them saying they are overrated and didn't deserve to be there. Well for all the NAY SAYERS... na na na na hey hey hey goodbye!!! ...
Tonight is the first ever College football playoff to determine the national championship. The underdog Ohio State Buckeyes are looking very good and even with 3 turnover lead the favored Oregon Ducks. I am proud of my Ohio State Buckeyes and they have shown they not only deserve to be there by b...
Mortgage Market Snapshot for 01.12.15 Don't expect much movement in rates this week. There will be the typical minor ebbs and flows of the market movement but nothing in the way of actual data driven responses. I would say to watch the equities market as well as troubles overseas to get indicati...
In the playoffs they call it win or go home. Its kind of like that in business too. We get opportunities to meet with new clients and then put on our best presentation. Whether it be presentation for getting the listing or presentation for getting the loan its the same thing. We are now on stage...
With yesterdays 2 games in the books and Seattle coming out on top as well as New England (sadly as we have no chance of hosting the AFC Championship game now) leaves us with today's match ups between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts for the 2nd half of the AFC and Dallas Cowboys and...
For this week ending 01/09/15 the market looks poised to run flat for several days. With the big news now out of the way and, while better than expected news hit regarding non farm payrolls and unemployment, both sets of numbers were not that far above expectations and with the boost coming from...
In the previous post I wrote about the chatter going on over HUD's proposed announcement to reduce the cost of obtaining a mortgage with FHA. The talk was in regards to the excessive amount of costs put on to borrowers for the monthly premium. The premium used to be at a .5 - .55 calculation for...
I have heard the talk and it makes me encouraged to think this will actually come to pass tomorrow. We still have missing details on actual start dates for this much overdue benefit but it has been announced this will officially be announced tomorrow 01/08/2015 With more pressure from the govern...

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