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Well with today's GDP numbers coming in less than expected I think today is the day we not only pierce 102 but we close above it. I would be shocked if we did not break and hold that for today. The economy is better and I don't think anyone can argue that point but there are still a lot of underl...
As I expected the rates have seen improvements this week and as I called on Monday I expected the FNMA 3.0 to get back over 102 which it has several times today. I expect this strength to continue on for the rest of the week but will likely be tapered for amount of gains. If we can hold over 102...
Well I am predicting this week will likely be the rebound week for the massive losses taken over the last 2-3 weeks. Lots of unrest in middle east, Russia still have plenty of issues going on Greece (umm not much new to say here other than its a mess) and US looks to be poised to attract investo...
Well many parts of Denver did not get the expected totals for snow predicted but we did get a pretty good amount. I heard Will Hamm got appx 10 inches over in his area and we got appx 8-9 inches here. Its a good snowfall but not the 12-16 inches some models called for. One of my vendors called me...
This time I am writing about the calm before the storm and not in a poetic way but in a literal one. Today we had temps in the mid 60s sunny and blue skies but tomorrow at this time we are supposed to have the snow start and go all night and get really heavy between midnight and noon. Forecast mo...
Apparently the 90's rapper and star of the DIY Network "Vanilla Ice Project" Rob Van Winkle (his actual name) was charged for grand theft and burglary when an adjacent home he was renovating had numerous items stolen from it. At first I did not believe it as I know he has to be fairly well to do ...
Yes the markets go as the feds speak! Yesterday was proof positive that FEAR and panic can cause a very irritating market for those trying to close and haven't yet chosen to lock. Seeing nearly 100 bps lost just yesterday and closer to 250 over the last couple weeks has made it costly to chose to...
Well today was anything but the calm before the storm. In this analogy I am referring to tomorrow Fed speech and the anything but calmness it brought to today's marketplace Are they going to raise rates? If they do when are they going to start? Will this cause deflation? Is our economy strong eno...
Markets may be a little soft right now but I am fully expecting this trend to retrace itself and bring about some improvements to the recently battered MBS market. The data that will help drive this weeks marketplace is below and unless there is some incredible turn around that no one is seeing ...
I am sad that I only caught the last 30 minutes of this but what I did see reminded me of many a Saturday night as both a kid and as a young adult watching the comedy routines of Saturday Night Live. Seeing Adam Sandler, Garth and Wayne from Waynes World, Norm McDonald, Steve Martin and so many m...

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