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For those who watch my Mortgage Market Snapshot I wanted to make sure you are all paying attn to the title as this is important stuff.Rates are moving upwards and depending on Yellen's speech today could drive them up further and fast!With disappointing numbers for the GDP and spending the econom...
Wow today was a little bit if a surprise. After seeing the markets go through their tight window of fluctuation testing both top and bottom of the 102.50 to 102.00 range it closed for the week solidly at 102.4 only to see those gains all erased today and the FNMA 3.0 coupon close below 102 ending...
After a rather unusually LONG and constant rain we finally got a break this afternoon as the rain did in fact STOP!Now worrying about needing an ark may be a bit dramatic and overkill but we just don't get rains like that our here in beautiful sunny Denver Colorado so when it hits (and I cannot r...
Denver typically is blue skies and sunshine. With the picturesque backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, an abundance of outdoor activities and over 310 days of sunshine per year, this is a paradise state to live in.However today is one of those "much needed" but not too common days filled with overcas...
It should be interesting to see how this years NBA playoffs unfold.#1 seed in the west - Golden State Warriors#1 see in the east - Cleveland CavaliersBoth go into the first round of the playoffs and both swept the #8 seed team ending the series with a perfect 4-0 victory.I am not sure how this ye...
As a kid I heard about how time seems to speed up as you get older. I never understood what that meant but I get it now. As a kid you have free time and freedom from responsibility. Days seem to last for a long time and life is just in that slow mode. I also think its that as a kid you want to b ...
I like this challenge from Bob Crane about assessing where we are at the 100 day mark for the 2015 goals. Well I am happy and blessed to say we are way ahead of the high goals we had set for ourselves.We are ahead of all of our goals in marketing, closed loans, applications and only lacking in nu...
In a predicted and called pattern from earlier last week, we have seen the FNMA 3.0 coupon trade in a relative sideways pattern.Good news, bad news, news they cant figure out it really does not matter right now as the market is still looking for something significant to set its course.With overse...
Well the data is in and I cannot help but laugh at the unbelievable comment inside of this.Unemployment filings are under 300k and we are not sure if that is a sign of strength in the labor market or not! WOW... really???At least they had the strength to speak the fact they have no real clue what...
It never ceases to amaze me at the timing of info/requests.I would have to say every single time there has been a down turn in the market we get calls from people saying they heard that rates improved and wanted to know what that means for them?Unless I am missing something, NONE of the data I fo...

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