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 Why is Denver Colorado such a great place to live, work and have fun?   Simple, Denver is about as perfect a place to live as you could hope for. As a matter of fact about the only thing we don’t have here is an ocean. If you like the outdoors you will love Denver, with activities that range fro...
For all FNMA (Fannie Mae) & FHLMC (Freddie Mac) aka Conventional loans buyers be wary of significant price surcharges that come effective Next Monday 07/06/15When we get asked "I have good credit why am I not going conventional"?The answer to this can vary with each borrower but mainly the key in...
I am SOOOO glad May is over! The end of the monsoon (that we never have) but did this year. Back to BLUE skies, bright sunshine and the backdrop of the rockies... Yep aaaalllll good my friend.Got yard work done, got house work done got new floring put in (house looks killer) now enjoying the back...
Waterworld located in Denver Colorado is truly a family fun spot for all ages. yes I have kids and been there many times myself. Because I am a dad, and stupid/macho or whatever you want to call it I even was coaxed into doing the 6 story drop slide that goes nearly vertical and looks like nothin...
I sit back and think to myself TGIF!What on earth are these credit markets doing or what signal are they really sending to the world?You can't manage your debts, you can't manage your country, Socialism DOES NOT WORK (wake up America we are headed right for a bullseye on this ourselves) and yet i...
Today brings us more of the recent floundering we have seen over the last month. 1 component of data is better with the real key of unemployment being worse and yet bonds have a slight rally on the consumer spending piece and totally neglect the unemployment component??WOWAnyway I don't expect a ...
Well today is bringing more news of the volatility going on with Greece and I was also caught off guard by Dick Greenberg's comment looking at the resolution outcome completely opposite of me. Since I give him much respect, I will give that Greek exit and default more weight then I previously did...
Well the data show more of the same lackluster results. Numbers less than the already lowered forecasted numbers and yet another day of basically sideways movement trending to the decline (worsening for rates)???Why, you may ask??Great question.Today its all about Greece and the fact that they ar...
Today is NOTHING like what I expected. After last weeks flight back to quality and lackluster numbers I expected some more growth by at least 50bps but instead saw the market go into a selling frenzy with bonds down by nearly 70bps today! The bulk of this sell off was due to home sales numbers bu...
One of the things I love about Colorado is the diverse weather. While we do get over 300 days of sunshine /yr and have a pretty mild climate actually, there are days (especially in the Spring) that can have sun, rain, hail windstorms and back to sun all in the same day.Well today was not one of t...

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