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Well in a little surprising twist today the news brought about a nice rally back into bonds and treasuries. The Wages and Salaries increased at its slowest pace and only at 1/3 of what analysts expected. This data is now giving many the thought that the fed "proposed" rate hike for September may ...
Good morning all.Today brought us a mixed bag of news.First the GDP was up and near but not quite at expectation. Personal spending is also up.The items that helped keep rates from taking any big hits were the fact that unemployment for both continued and new claims we higher than expectations.Al...
Good morning wise readers for this market update blog.Today has brought us numbers slightly better than expectations and it caused an initial opening bell loss of 25bps (all of yesterdays gains) but that has since been short lived and the market has already retraced 16bps of that loss basically p...
This week has some potential market movers when the data is released. With numbers like GDP and even with a better than expected Durable Goods number the economy is still very fragile and, as a broken record, I am saying we MUST get jobs and housing on solid ground to bring about higher rates and...
So we decided to take a trip to the mountains for the music and arts festival in Breckenridge, Traffic was HORRIBLE so we back tracked and took a road I have never been to the end of or knew where it went and wound up in the middle of nowhere and with a gorgeous backdrop / view.Small hike and a l...
There is the consistent pattern that followed suit for this entire week and for those of us who watch this and try to predict its direction that is a very nice thing as of late.The market did touch 100 (as I predicted) yesterday and even closed at that level. Today the FNMA 3.0 has ranged between...
Good morning allToday is falling right in line with my earlier expectations and predictions this week. The FNMA is showing slight movement upwards and is currently sitting just under the 100 mark.As of 11a call the FNMA 3.0 was trading at 99.906.I do think we will likely pierce the 100 mark later...
Good morning on this happy and gorgeous Wednesday July the 22nd.Still par for the course not much in data to drive the markets this week and today's is behaving correctly with little to no movement.The FNMA 3.0 coupon closed yesterday at 99.75 and after a few very minor ups and downs is currently...
Pretty much same info as yesterday today with one little exception that the bonds are starting to see some very mild gains and now the FNMA 3.0 coupon has risen over 99.5 and is currently sitting at 99.750I do expect to see us over 100 once again and hopefully before the week is over and that is ...
Well today has been a replication of Friday with very little to no movement and likely not much will occur today as the entire week has very little data to drive markets so it will be primarily emotion (since technicals don't seem to carry much weight any more lol)Pricing is still very favorable ...

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