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So the feds speak and where does that lead? In all likelihood right where I called it to be... sideways for the short term. I do not see a whole lot of movement, good or bad, for the next several days as the feds are going to watch to hedge against inflation by increasing rates too fast. That's ...
Markets are poised for what is likely to be another day of sideways movement or possible slight gain. Tomorrows release of Durable Goods Orders as well as the problems overseas are giving a flight to the quality of the US Bonds and keeping prices favorable for all looking to buy cars, homes etc....
I love Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not only a short drive from just about anywhere in Denver it is probably one of the greatest venues to see a concert in all of America. Between the natural and beautiful setting at the edge of the Rocky Mountains during a show you get all the great light from Denver...
Be thankful for what you have and have been blessed with. Be thankful for the opportunities you have been given. Be thankful for your gifts and talents. Be thankful for your friends and family. Be thankful and blessings will come you way... Why??? Simple the attitude of gratitude is like a magne...
What else but another mixed bag of news to end the week on and why I call for rates to likely remain sideways for a little bit longer. Issues abroad, as well as reduced demand for manufacturing Canada introducing their own stimulus and Russia with a bunch of issues are all making the US bonds lo...
  This mall has a little something for everyone. From clothing to food to furniture, technology and now even cars! Yes not a typo you can come to this mall and even buy a car now as Tesla has taken a spot in the mall and it always seems to attract a lot of attention. For those who dont know Tesla...
Lots of indecision out in the marketplace right now. Is the US economy REALLY improving or is it more political spin? What is going to happen to Russia and how will that affect us Globally? Is unemployment truly going down or are more and more Americans simply falling off of unemployment and off...
OK I simply had to make this one of my posts featuring a local business as I not only love it but enough to hold all of my active rain meetups there! Its family friendly, good location, great menu and probably the best Mexican, or as they call it Mountain Mex, food in Denver. Good facility that ...
This is a MUST read and MUST know for all Realtors as well as originators! Why am I making such a big deal out of this? Simple, the way things have been handled in the past are about to make a significant change and knowing this AHEAD of time may likely save your client their home and you the clo...
While my team sucked ass last week and then immediately fired the coach who was way beyond needing to go away its still nice to know there are games to be played still in the NFL for this season. The AFC Championship and NFC Championship are still to be had and while my team (that sucked so bad a...

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