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You gotta love the Holidays!They seem to make us do irrational things... JUST BECAUSE lolIn keeping up with that theme the market is behaving as such. Initial unemployment claims are getting close to the 300k mark actual numbers reported are up 12k over expectations and the continuing claims rose...
Today was a little messy. Rates lost all ground gained on Tuesday and the suspect reason in my opinion is profit takers as the data does not support the direction the market went.Anyway as I often say the market will do what the market will do and even when it is in direct contradiction to data b...
Another light day but another day closer to D-day (lol).Will the feds raise rates?NO is my answer I do not think they will based on the timing as well as data.Reality - does anyone know? NOFact - regardless of the decision we will all live and move forward so LOCK while you can as pricing is exce...
Well today brings about some additional recovery from last weeks ridiculous sell off.For those who listened you have now regained almost all the losses that hit on Wed/Th last week as the FNMA 3.0 coupon is back to trading at near 100.50 levels again. This indicie was just below 100.5 but closed ...
Today brings us yet another mixed bag of news and one that the market has rallied some to retrace some of the earlier weeks losses.With non farm payrolls improved over expectations by 11k (which is good) and helps support a "possible" fed rate hike later this month (that I am still betting will N...
Been a while since I have posted one of these but between vacation, holidays and end of month it has been tough to find the time.Anyway market is trying to digest news about slightly better than expected data for companies adding employees to payroll. before you get too excited the jump is not th...

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