america the fallen: Starting to add up yet Mr President? - 10/08/11 11:45 AM
Starting to add up yet Mr President?
So we have the lowest recorded interest rates in history (according to FHLMC) appx 2 weeks ago when the avg 30yr fixed rate was below 4%. And what is the next serious of news releases. mortgage applications DECLINE?!?!
Decline when rates are the lowest in HISTORY? How could this be you ask? Well lets consider consumer confidence is at, or near, all time lows, unemployment is around the 15% mark, increasing taxes on the wealthy (the ones who actually pay the bulk of all US taxes, as over 50% pay none at all) +┬áthe … (4 comments)

america the fallen: What happened America? - 10/08/11 06:40 AM
What happened America...
We here this all the time, we comment on it, we say it to others, we even write it down. So if this is such an ingrained part of our culture why is it that the "elected" leaders cant seem to do this?
To me its pretty straight forward and simple. We all know and realize what is going on around us. We can easily see the areas of our economy and country that are out of whack but nothing seems to get done? Is it really the disturbing fact that because we have to make such a … (4 comments)

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