mortgage market: Market Snapshot 03.04.13 and tomorrows insight - 03/04/13 12:27 PM
Well for those who have asked, and prodded to get me to get back into the ring and do these again, here you go. For those who have never read these remember this... I will give you an insightful spot on prediction of the markets. They will be without flaw and worth tens of thousands of dollars to you and your clients. I charge nothing but if you don't subscribe to my blog then I will not let you read or share these market insights to help you grow your business and advise your clients.
So now that the disclaimer is … (1 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market Daily Snapshot 4/24/12 - 04/24/12 01:33 PM
Mortgage Market Daily Snapshot 4/24/12
Today opened up with a little bump to yesterdays close as the opening bell brought a +3bps gain pushing the FNMA 3.5 coupon to 103.750 however that was fleeting and the only gain for the Rate driving bell weather bond for the days trading session.
As the day progressed sell off appeared and at the close it reached its low of the day (not a good sign for the trading session tomorrow)
Ultimately the FNMA coupon lost 27bps and ended just below the 103.5 mark. If we fall too much further I expect to see a … (1 comments)

mortgage market: As the Mighty Ben Speaketh so the Market Goes! - 04/03/12 02:02 PM
As the Mighty Ben Speaketh so the Market Goes!
Yes as most of you may be aware, Mr Bernanke made some comment during his speech he felt the economy was showing some signs of recovery and that a third Quantitative Easing is not likely. (QEIII) Is it accurate? Parts of it are but whats really amazing is that his power and position give him and his words (dissected to the Nth degree) a level of juice Google would die to have. So while I do agree the economy has "pieces/segments" that are doing better but after being 6 feet under sure 4 … (5 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market Update Week of 1/23 - 1/27/12 - 01/23/12 11:30 AM
Mortgage market Update Week of 1/23 - 1/27/12
Lots of good stuff coming our way...
Actually we have some interesting news for this week and it could be a mini fireworks display of increase or decrease... or possibly just an "all show no go" dud that lights with expectation and then ends with a big nothing.
Tomorrow is the "Obama Tuesday" and his State of the Union Address that will get focus. Wednesday is the FOMC direction on interest rates, that helped push our bond prices down recently, in hedge against the comments in the report. If news of housing not … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Daily snapshot 1/11/12 - 01/11/12 03:06 AM
Mortgage Daily snapshot 1/11/12
Well for the naysayers earlier this week who didn't heed the advice you are missing out right now as the top heavy bond market did awake from its slumber a tad.
After the FNMA 3.5 coupon pushed through the 103.250 mark on Monday it ended yesterday off about 30bps from its high of the week and closed just over 103.
Today brought us a sizeable gap down of -30bps and opened the trading session at a 102.75 mark. In all markets an incredible price but when considering that 2 days ago it was close to 60bps higher I … (3 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market Commentary week 12/19 - 12/23/11 - 12/21/11 09:36 AM
Mortgage Market Commentary week of 12/19 - 12/23/11
Well as the week closes in on Christmas and vacations abound, I see tomorrows data as only a slight risk of much movement for the remainder of this week, as it is already being priced in.
Pricing is at solid levels and,although down a touch from its highs earlier in the week, still very favorable! the cause of the downward pressure is two-fold. First you have the dollar doing well and we had a modest appetite at todays auction of 29B worth of 7yr Treasuries.
Here is tomorrow's market driving / factor data...
Initial Claims: … (1 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market Week of 12/5 - 12/10/11 - 12/06/11 07:49 AM
Mortgage Market Week of 12/5 - 12/10/11
This week comes with much anticipation of the holiday shopping season.
Will retailers continue to show strong signals of an improved economy? Will consumers release the tight grip they have had on savings and spend some of the hard earned cash? Time will tell but if the Malls are any indication we could be on pace for the best year in the last 5 years!
It seems that the signs of days gone by are passed. I get it that we are by no means out of the woods but I like seeing the … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market Week 11/28-12/2/11 Wrap Up - 12/02/11 04:36 AM
Mortgage market Week 11/28 - 12/2/11 Wrap Up
Well as I mentioned it should be a rather choppy and interested close to the 2011 year and this is exactly what we are seeing.
The FNMA 3.5 Coupon is currently up +21bps for the day and we have finally broken through the glass ceiling of 102 that seemed impenetrable during November. Where will this go now? Who knows we could see an instant reversal but I am not so sure. I believe now that we finally pierced this we could see a 40-50bos run up and really see a nicer drop in … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Guide 11/23/11 - 11/23/11 02:50 AM
Mortgage Guide 11/23/11
Today has a lot of news that really all points to the same thing we have seen and felt over the last couple years. Not a whole lot of great news, small pockets of decent info and others not so good. Being the fact that markets are closed tomorrow in honor of Thanksgiving I expect today to be a slight hedge downward. Expect rates to remain the same while pricing inside those rates will be off between, .125 - .250.
Here is the data of relevance and to all have a Great and Blessed Thanksigiving and take some … (1 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market week of 11/7 - 11/11/2011 - 11/07/11 03:32 AM
Mortgage Market week of 11/7 -11/11/2011
This week looks to be another similar to last. I like the fact that the new found support level of the FNMA 3.5 is at 102. What I don't like about it is while we do have 2 other strong support levels now in place below us so we are not in completely thin are we don't have any real support for a higher push. That does not mean it cannot happen all we need is for the markets to hear anything surrounding Greece in a further negative way or, for that matter, any of … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage market for week ending 11/4/11 - 11/04/11 08:01 AM
Mortgage market for week ending 11/4/11
Well this has been another roller coaster week and the FNMA coupon and the 10Y have been looking for its new support range. We opened on rocky ground earlier as the FNMA coupon hit its lows for a 3 week interval falling from 103 (FNMA 3.5 coupon) all the way down to 100.391. Since then it has rebounded nicely covering both the 101 (critical support level) as well as moving back up to the 102 mark which looks like it is now showing the signs of life to be a new level of support. The … (3 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage market Report 11/3/11 - 11/03/11 07:54 AM
Mortgage market Report 11/3/11
OK I am a total slacker for being so far behind but the reality is working 12-14hrs a day there is only so much time to get it all in and I apologize to the avg 300-400 people who view these posts!
Here is the data and here is my advice...
Initial Claims: Actual 397K, prior 402K (consensus 401K)
Continuing Claims: Actual 3683K, prior 3645K (consensus 3675K)
Productivity-Prel: Actual 3.1%, prior -0.7% (consensus 2.8%)
Unit Labor Costs-Prel: Actual -2.4%, prior 3.3% (consensus -1.1%)
Factory Orders: Actual 0.3%, prior -0.2% (consensus -0.2%)
Yep pretty simple so here … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage market Wrap up week of 10/24 - 10/28/11 - 10/28/11 05:29 AM
Mortgage market Wrap up week of 10/24 - 10/28/11
WOW That is the only way I can start the roller coaster events of this week.
Started off on Monday a little weak from last weeks close. Tuesday came in and in anticipation of the Wed news that was causing fear and panic in traders, I expected to see a hedge against pricing and watch the rates have a slight deterioration. Instead what arrives? A pre-release improvement pointing to a strong Wednesday. Wednesday comes and bonds and treasuries seeing good gains then a couple hours before close a strong sell off of … (6 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market Udpate week of 10/17 - 10/21/11 - 10/18/11 10:22 AM
Mortgage Market Update week of 10/17 - 10/21/11
Well we have a lot to talk about, especially since I am a day late. Sorry I have just been so busy at work even taking this time out is a strain but as all things I will work later to make up for my afternoon time in the rain.
OK Equities YEAH!!! Way up in last 2 weeks Dow close to 10% gain but WAIT do you stop to ask why or are you celebrating because your 401k is up? There really is no real traction for the rally so when this … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market 10/13/11 - 10/13/11 02:36 AM
Mortgage Market 10/13/11
Well after a heated and furious sell off the bonds look to be retracing some of the previous losses. Today brought us a positive open for the first time in over a week.
The 10Y is currently +6/32 and its yields have dropped from 2.22% down to 2.18% where it currently sits.
The FNMA 3.5 coupon is following suit and opened with a +15bps and is currently sitting at 101.031. Yesterdays close settled at 100.875 and as bad as that sounds over recent weeks keep in mind almost 37bps of the -52bps loss yesterday was due to it … (5 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Weekly 10/11/11 - 10/14/11 - 10/11/11 05:56 AM
Mortgage Weekly 10/11/11 - 10/14/11
With a short week from Columbus day and the markets only being open for 4 days this week I see a likely retracement of last weeks massive (near 200bps) sell off. I understand from the many years doing this that hedging going into a holiday weekend is the norm but really after already taking close to 150bps in panic based sell off was another 50+ necessary last Friday (& opening bell today?)
Today brought us an opening loss of 25bps on the FNMA coupon and reduced it further from its earlier highs (that I said were … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Week to watch for mortgage rates - 10/10/11 04:33 AM
week to watch for mortgage rates.
This week 10/10-10/14/11 should be interesting to see the direction mortgage rates take. 2 weeks ago the feds announced "operation twist" (read my article) and rates fell quickly from the announcement. What followed next? Last week reversed the gains in the MBS market and we saw over 150bps of loss (sell off). It seems these days nothing is modest the gains are fast and furious and the sell offs are equal.
This week should be interesting to see if the sell off remains from last week or if those looking at the technicals will realize the … (3 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Market 10/6/11 - 10/06/11 09:03 AM
Mortgage Market 10/7/11
Today has brought about another serious of losses. Small but when piled on top of each other they soon amass to a significance to change rates for the worse again.
This market simply does not follow any real technicals or direction so you really have to be ready to strike when the iron is hot.
A tip I would offer to all I simply meet with all my clients and present the disclosures on what they want and get them to give me the green light for "when rates hit XXX LOCK" Some places don't need the disclosures … (0 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage market 09/26-09/30/11 wrap up - 09/30/11 04:14 AM
Mortgage market 09/26-09/30/11 wrap up.
Well contrary to what I expected to see today (being rates don't usually fair well on a Friday as many hedge down going into the weekend to protect their positions come Monday). But as all things, lately anyway, the exact opposite of what should happen, and is patterned and charted for, happens??
The FNMA 3.5 Coupon opened up with a strong gap up of +34bps and has been holding close to that level since. The 10Y is also fairing equally well and it is currently at +20/32 and is currently Yielding 1.931%.
Why? here is today's … (1 comments)

mortgage market: Mortgage Rates and Market 09/27/11 - 09/27/11 03:44 AM
Mortgage Rates and Market 09/27/11
Today has not started off any better than Fri or yesterday with the FNMA coupon opening witha gap down loss of -15bps and has lost another 6bps since open. We are now well below the 102.50 threshold I called for on the needed level of support we held yesterday. If today's news does not bring about a turn we may see the other 30bps fall off and our next stop is likely 102.00 (FNMA 3.5 coupon).
With the European Officials looking into a plan that would allow them to offload (purchase) troubled assets while making their … (3 comments)

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